Predicting all the Bowl Games

Let's roll through the Bowls, all 35 of them, in chronological order (maybe). I'm going to lay out who's playing in each one and then make a prediction on who'll win. Yet again I'll point out if I put money on my own predictions my kids would starve. I heartily recommend that you don't base anything financial on my predictions!

 New Mexico Bowl
 Who: BYU vs. UTEP
 Winner: BYU

 uDrove Humanitarian Bowl
 Who: Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State
 Winner: Fresno State

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Updated 2010 NFL draft positional rankings


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Super Sophomores for 2010

Last season we were able to see a near record number of Freshman have impacts on their teams success.  This is all well and good but being able to repeat that success and better yet, improve on it, is what will be key.  These players have set the bar very high, and here's a player from each conference that I think will push it even further in the 2010 season.


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Let's go bowling-Draft style

Bowl season ranks 2nd for me as my favorite time of year for football.  Obviously the offseason/draft season ranks numero uno for me, but the Bowls are great for a couple of reasons.  First, I love the bowl games.  I love the fact that the Wyoming players have gotten to spend a week in Albuquerque, NM with the whole city there for them.  Same for the Frenso State players.  The atmosphere is great for these student athletes and a deserving reward(along with their giftbag with includes a Sony gift suite, Oakley Beanie backpack and sunglasses, and an Ogio garment bag.  Not too shabby. But other than just all the things great about bowl games for the player, the city they are playing in, etc., is the exposure that some of these prospects will get.  For a lot of the players in these Bowl games, getting on TV is a rarity and getting on national televison even more rare.  These games may not pull

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Big Ten/PAC-10 Expansions. What it all might mean

I've said for years, if a conference is going to whine and moan about the BCS system and lobby for a playoff the first thing the conferences must do, is determine their champions the same way.  That means either all BCS conferences go to 12 teams and have a true conference championship, or all the conferences with title games would have to do away with them.  Not bloody likely. 

In the past week we've heard the Big Ten(11?) is actively pursuing a 12th team for their conference.  Getting a 12th would be they could divide into divisions, and have a Big Ten Title game, which would be a huge get for their TV Network.  I fully expect the Big Ten to find themselves a team to join in sooner rather than later.  But what team?

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Snap Judgement-Championship Week Edition

You all know I can watch college football for hours at a time and I do just that. And I do my best with this site to be objective in terms of my rooting interests because I'm watching it primarily to scout players.  But I love college football.  Not like I love my family, but after my family, it's right up there.  I can become so engrossed in a game, that my kids are concerned for my well being.  This weekend, we have several of those moments both good and bad.  Let's get after it and talk about all the big news that was Championship weekend in college football.

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College Football Awards-My picks

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Latest Heisman ramblings

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My new Heisman Ballot

The season is getting far enough along that you usually expect some frontrunners to start to distrance themselves from the pack.  This year however, things just aren't working out that way.  And because of that, there are two ways we can all go with this.  

First, we could look at the Heisman for what it is.  The Heisman Trophy is to be awarded to the most outstanding player in college football.  This means all positions are open, all classes, and we could actually use this chance to return some credibility to an award that has turned into something more about awarding the highest profile player.

Second we could all become sheeple and just jump on whatever weekly bandwagon is out there, continue to bow at the altar of statistics, and continue to think if it isn't a highly ranked team then it can't have a Heisman contender.  I know which I am going to chose, but sadly I know which one more pundits will select.

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College Football Preview Week 10

Well Football fans, November is here and that means there's a change in the air, the weather starts to turn cold and you can really feel like it's football season.  Mercifully the New York Yankees put an end to the MLB season and the NBA is so far off my radar I don't even care it's mucking up my Sportcenter and sports talk radio experience.  Football is king, and College Football is like Julius Caesar.  This weekend promises some intense matchups and for my money a couple of big upsets that promise to shake up the top of the BCS.

This weeks game of the week is pretty obvious.  LSU travels to Alabama to try and knock the Tide out fo the ranks of the undefeated and honestly out of any real contention for the National Championsip.  Losing late is murder to a college team, and this would be homicide for the Crimson Tide. 

For Alabama their formula f

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2012 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Devon WylieWR 107Chiefs
Logan HarrellDT

2011 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Chris CarterOLB 162Steelers
Andrew JacksonOG 210Falcons
Jamel HamlerWR
Ryan ColburnQB

2010 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Ryan MathewsRB 12Chargers
A.J. JeffersonCB
Lonyae MillerRB
Chastin WestWR
Seyi AjirotutuWR

2009 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Tom BrandstaterQB 174Broncos
Bear PascoeTE 18449ers

2008 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Jason Shirley DT 145Bengals

2007 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Marcus McCauley CB 72Vikings
Paul Williams WR 80Titans
Dwayne Wright RB 111Bills
Chris Denman OT 214Buccaneers

2006 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Richard Marshall CB 58Panthers
Adam Jennings WR 184Falcons
Tyrone Culver CB 185Packers

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