New 2013 NFL Mock Draft

Lots of big changes in my newest 2013 NFL Mock Draft. Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas has disappointed, so I have ruled him out at this point as an early entry and he's off the board. I have taken all my running backs out of the first round, not because I think a player like South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore isn't talented, just no in demand compared to the other talent in the draft.

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Curt's Big 32 for the 2013 NFL Draft-UPDATED

Please keep in mind, this is my list of who I like.  This has nothing to do with predicting where they will be drafted.   If I were an NFL GM, if all positions were on the board, this would be my top 32 guys. You couldn't really go wrong with any of these guys, but don't be shocked that my order doesn't fall in line with what most believe.

Obviously I reserve the right to make changes to this as the season goes on, and it is of course a fluid list. 

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10 Must Watch Games for the 2012 College Football Season

I started putting this list together as I am prepping for the upcoming college football season.  I've broken the list into 2 groups, non-conference and conference matchups.  Some of these games will have BCS significance and others will be more of traditional importance, but they all look to me to be great games and well worth your time whether you are a fan of the teams or not.

Top 5 non-conference games

5. BYU at Utah September 15th-This matchup has been a tradition for many years, but since the conference changes in 2010 we've been counting down to the beginning of the end of the Holy War.  This game is less about 2 great teams fighting for BCS position but marks what may be the end of a great football tradition.

4. Auburn Vs. Clemson(in Atlan

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Predicting all the Bowl Games

Let's roll through the Bowls, all 35 of them, in chronological order (maybe). I'm going to lay out who's playing in each one and then make a prediction on who'll win. Yet again I'll point out if I put money on my own predictions my kids would starve. I heartily recommend that you don't base anything financial on my predictions!

 New Mexico Bowl
 Who: BYU vs. UTEP
 Winner: BYU

 uDrove Humanitarian Bowl
 Who: Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State
 Winner: Fresno State

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Ten Things I learned this week in college football

10. There is no reason to panic in Norman - Yes, the Oklahoma Sooners probably should have beaten the Texas A&M Aggies.  And their hopes for a Big 12 Title and BCS Bowl bid are pretty much gone.  But it's ok.  First, no Sooner fans went into this season with National Title aspirations, so let's not be shocked here that they aren't quite ready.  And look to the future.  This team is playing 13 Freshman on their two deep, and 13 more Sophomores.  So between 48 guys on their 2 deep, 26 are Freshman or Sophomores.  The future is bright. 

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College Football Game of the Week, and some other crap

First off, I need to apologize for not getting any content up on the site last week.  I need to apologize to my readers, as well as the great group of guys who make this site happen.  I needed to hold up my end of things and last week I did not.  Sometimes life, and by life I mean being a full time school teacher, full time graduate student as well as father and husband eats up whatever tiny remaining free time I have to actually take the thoughts and ideas I get from watching college football(which I always do), and getting them to the site.  I owe it to my regular readers and I owe it to John, Ben, and Mark, my close friends who I get to do this site with to get information out there.  

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The BCS Run In

First things first, let's take a look at who's still in the running for this thing. For this I'm going all the way down to Numer 8. That gives us all the unbeaten teams plus Alabama who are the best of the one loss teams and the one with the schedule that might get them back into contention yet. Here's how it's played out so far and who's left to come for each of 'em.

1. Auburn 2. Oregon 3. Boise State 4. TCU

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The Heisman race gets clearer and the National Championship picture gets more fuzzy

Heisman Hopefuls

  1. Cam Newton QB Auburn - Just like Tutti Fruitti at Baskin-Robbins, Newton is the flavor of the month.  And deservedly so, he’s gotten better and better every week.  Honestly, barring something crazy, he's the clubhouse leader from here on out.
  2. Kellen Moore QB Boise State - Still my pick to win it, because I think somewhere along the way, Newton loses and the Broncos are in the teeth of that JUCO conference schedule so they are cruising.

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Updated 2010 NFL draft positional rankings


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My new Top 15ish sort of NCAA Football Poll

I can't believe how much Steve Spurrier must hate me.  I had the article half written about how Alabama was the most complete team in the country and no matter who they faced in the BCS title they'd be double digit favorites and more blah blah blah, and what do they do?  They go and let the South Carolina Gamecocks walk all over them.  So when I started on this poll with all the upsets in the rankings, it was tough to figure out where to stick the Crimson Tide.  And it was hard to even think about where to put any teams outside the top 9, but you see how I took care of that.

  1. Ohio State - Tops by default.  Not sure if they are the best team, but they keep winning.

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2012 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Tony BergstromOG 95Raiders
John CullenOT
Derrick ShelbyDE

2011 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Brandon BurtonCB 139Vikings
Caleb SchlauderaffOG 179Packers
Shaky SmithsonWR
Zane TaylorC
Sealver SiligaDT
Matt AsiataRB

2010 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Koa MisiDE 40Dolphins
Zane BeadlesOT 45Broncos
Robert JohnsonS 148Titans
David ReedWR 156Ravens
Stevenson SylvesterOLB 166Steelers
R.J. StanfordCB 223Panthers

2009 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Paul KrugerDE 57Ravens
Sean SmithS 61Dolphins
Brice McCainCB 188Texans
Freddie BrownWR 252Bengals
Louie SakodaK

2008 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team

2007 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Eric Weddle S 37Chargers
Paul Soliai DT 108Dolphins

2006 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Spencer Toone OLB 245Titans
Quinton Ganther RB 246Titans

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