Super Sophomores for 2010

Last season we were able to see a near record number of Freshman have impacts on their teams success.  This is all well and good but being able to repeat that success and better yet, improve on it, is what will be key.  These players have set the bar very high, and here's a player from each conference that I think will push it even further in the 2010 season.


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2011 Positional Rankings

A really early look at 2011 Positional rankings


1 Ryan Mallett Arkansas
2 Jake Locker Washington
3 Andrew Luck Stanford
4 Nick Foles

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Snap Judgment Week 9 College Football

So Halloween. my favorite holiday has come and gone, and yesterday, some teams got treats and others got tricked. Some teams got a big handful of those fun sized candy bars, and other teams got one of those nasty peanut butter candies wrapped in the orange wax paper.   Here's my breakdown of how yesterday's college slate played out.

USC fans need to calm down.  Your team got whipped.  I mean really whipped.  Like haven't seen a beating like that in over a decade whipped.  So stop minimizing what this means for your program, the Oregon program or the PAC-10.  They USC defense that had looked so good three weeks ago, and then faltered some last week, gave it up like a prom date to the Oregon offense.  Over 600 yards of offense.  And most of it on the ground.  There's nothing more humiliating to a defense than to have a team just run dow

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2012 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Bernard PierceRB 84Ravens
Evan RodriguezTE 111Bears
Tahir WhiteheadOLB 138Lions
Derek DennisOG
Wayne TribueOG
Adrian RobinsonOLB

2011 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Muhammad WilkersonDT 30Jets
Jaiquawn JarrettS 54Eagles
Elijah JosephILB

2010 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Andre NeblettDT
Alex JosephILB
Dominique HarrisS

2009 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Terrance KnightonDT 72Jaguars

2008 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team

2007 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team

2006 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team

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