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Best of the rest..

Written by Curt Popejoy on 04/25/2009

Every year some guys who you expect to be first rounders end up slipping into Day Two. Here's a look at the Top 20 players still available in our book. There's still plenty out there for teams to pick up today. Raiders fans, don't be too down. Yet.

1. Shawn Nelson TE Southern Mississippi
Looked to be a lock for the first two rounds, but TEs are more than a little undervalued this year and it seems great blocking is at a premium.

2. Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech
I sort of expected this.  So much hype going into the year and just never panned out.  I expect some 3-4 team to take a shot on him in the third.

3. Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma
With guards seemingly forgotten in this draft, it makes sense why Robinson is still here.   He'll end up starting somewhere and should come off the board quickly.

4. Jamon Meredith OT South Carolina
Another player who might be more media than merit.  Looked to really be climbing draft boards, but teams are still skeptics.

5. D.J. Moore CB Vanderbilt
Size is the biggest shortcoming(hehe, get it?) for Moore and it's pushed him down some.  Should be an early third on athleticism alone.

6. Jared Cook TE South Carolina
Another TE who's more big wide out than small tackle and that's made teams shy away.

7. Rashad Johnson S Alabama
I've never been full on the Rashad Johnson bandwagon, so I understand why so many safetys went before him.  Could keep falling.

8. Lawrence Sidbury Jr. DE Richmond
More media pimpage gone wrong.  Sidbury was going to be the next great 3-4 end and he may still, but he was too much of a risk to go first two rounds.

9. Jarron Gilbert DT San Jose State
Probably a little overrated publicly, but still a good athlete and a solid third round pick at this point.

10. Troy Kropog OT Tulane
Kropog is a solid player and should come off in the third which is just about right.

11. Chip Vaughn S Wake Forest
Some injury concners have pushed Vaughn back some, but he's a really solid player and should be good value today.

12. Derrick Williams WR Penn State
Was supposed to have just ridiculous measureables but it didn't happen.  Might not even be the best Penn State wide out in the draft.

13. Juaquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma
Another player who was very productive in college but you aren't sure if that translates to the NFL.  Could take a big tumble today.

14. Andre Brown RB North Carolina State
Big backs don't seem to be drawing a lot of attention and so Brown has slipped a little.   Should still go in the third.

15. Kaluka Maiava LB Southern California
Pro production than athleticism, I think team sare wondering if Maiava size is going to keep him from being an every down player.

16. Alex Magee DT Purdue
Another guy who's sort of a tweener, but should be snatched up by a 3-4 team early on Sunday.

17. Jonathan Luigs C Arkansas
Luigs is a rock solid player and will be a nice value for some team on Sunday.

18. Victor Harris CB Virginia Tech
What's up Macho?  This guy was considered a first round pick by Mike Mayock at one point.  Good call Mike.

19. Chase Coffman TE Missouri
Some injury concerns have pushed him down, along with a league wide shunning of tight ends.  Should come off the board early on Sunday.

20. T.J. Lang OT Eastern Michigan
Lang is sort of a tough guy to read.  Lots of talent soft schedule, very raw but lots of upside.  Someone will take a shot on him.

Last Edited: 04/25/2009

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