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Instant Analysis-Picks 25-32 2012 NFL Draft

Written by Curt Popejoy on 04/26/2012

25.  New England Patriots-Dont'a Hightower, LB Alabama-Are you kidding?  It's not right that the Patriots can score a guy like Hightower.  I think he's a Ray Lewis type talent and on the Patriots he's going to be great for a really long time.  LOVE IT!

26. Houston Texans-Whitney Mercilus, DE Illinois-Very smart pick here.  Texans had to get a pass rusher and rather than panic and trade up they sat tight and got their guy.  Explosive and smart with as much upside as any in the draft.  LOVE IT!

27.Cincinnati Bengals-Kevin Zeitler, OG Wisconsin-Funny how the crowd in New York has no idea how to react.  trust me, he's a great player.  He'll start in this league for better than 10 years in any system and plays mad.  You can never go wrong when you play mad.  LOVE IT!

28. Green Bay Packers-Nick Perry, DE USC-Such a great player.  This will give the Packers a dominant pair of rush linebackers.  He'll play at a high level in the NFL, and I think in 5 years he's the best of the bunch among these hybrid players.  LOVE IT!

29. Minnesota Vikings-Harrison Smith, S Notre Dame-Absolute need pick.  They had to get a safety, they had plenty of picks and so they went up and got a really nice coverage player.  Not a first round talent, but better to reach for a need when you have picks to burn I suppose.   LIKE IT!

30. San Fransisco 49ers-AJ Jenkins, WR Illinois-Wasted pick.  He's fast, but he's small.  Hands aren't great.  He's probably a no. 3 in the NFL and do you draft a No. 3 in the first round.  Pretty meh pick at this point.  Why take him or the best TE in the draft?  HATE IT!

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Doug Martin, RB Boise State-The Bucs are set up for power football.  Rather than having backs that compliment each other, they are very similar.  But was this a need?  Enough of one to trade up?  How much would Josh Freeman have loved Coby Fleener or Stephen Hill?   LIKE IT!

32.New York Giants-David Wilson, RB Virginia Tech-Wilson is a very good player.  And if you are the Super Bowl champs you don't need a lot.  After letting Brandon Jacobs leave, depth at RB was a concern, and I think Wilson could supplant Bradshaw sooner rather than later.   LIKE IT!

Last Edited: 04/26/2012

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