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NFL Power Rankings-Week 2

Written by Curt Popejoy on 09/24/2011

Like most seasons, this NFL season has the mix of a few really great times, a few really bad ones, and a whole bunch in the middle.



32. Kansas City Chiefs-A team ravaged with injuries and poor coaching.

31. Indianapolis Colts-Peyton Manning gets hurt and the whole team just gave up.

30. Seattle Seahawks-Worst offense in the NFL.  Pete Carroll has no talent at quarterback.

29. Carolina Panthers-Cash Newton racking up big passing yards but no W’s.

28. Miami Dolphins-Lots of offense but a defense that can’t stop a flag football team.

27. St. Louis Rams-This team lacks speed on defense and it’s offense is just too beat up to be competitive.

26. Minnesota Vikings-This team should be better than this but right now no chemistry on either side of the ball.

25. Denver Broncos-At this point they may as well just start Tim Tebow and at least God will root for this group.

24. Oakland Raiders-Another team that looks to be a couple of players away from being good. 

23. Jacksonville Jaguars-Maybe a quarterback change will fire up a lackluster offense.

22. San Fransisco 49ers-Another team that is hamstrung because they have such mediocre quarterback play.

21. Tennessee Titans-Chris Johnson is playing like a guy who just got a big fat contract.  And that’s not a good thing.

20. Chicago Bears-No matter how they play you have to assume Cutler is going to cost them a few games.

19. Cleveland Browns-You aren't in the middle of the league without being pretty average across the board and that’s what they are.

18. Arizona Cardinals-The offense is feeling some growing pains but the defense is letting them down.

17. Cincinnati Bengals-Great young tandem at quarterback and wide receiver, but not much else to get excited about.

16. New York Giants-Another team that is beat down with injuries and just trying to compete.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Everyone’s sleeper pick is looking a little sly out of the gate.

14. Washington Redskins-One of the nice surprise teams of the year.  Everyone playing team football and no mistakes.

13. Detroit Lions-Look out for the Lions as long as they can keep their premier players healthy.

12. Buffalo Bills-Another big surprise.  Consistent play, good system and no errors. 

11. Dallas Cowboys-Cowboys are more talented than their play indicates most weeks.  So goes Tony Romo goes the team.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers-A team on the mend who’s going to have to get healthy in a hurry if they want to contend.

9. Baltimore Ravens-Another up and down ballclub with more than enough talent to go to the Super Bowl.

8. Atlanta Falcons-Bigtime offense with a defense that needs to start playing at a higher level.

7. New Orleans Saints-You have to figure with all that offense the Saints will be in every game.

6. New York Jets-Steady consistent football and a team culture that makes them believe they will win every game.

5. Houston Texans-No Colts to contend with and the best wr in the game on the roster.  Just have to get Arian Foster healthy to be sure.

4. San Diego Chargers-They are ranked here now, and I hope there’s no late year swoon with all that talent.

3. Philadelphia Eagles-The Dream team seems to working out alright so far.  Vick’s health all season will be the deciding factor.

2. New England Patriots-Dominant passing offense that keeps opposing teams off their games and takes Pressure off an average Pats defense.

1. Green Bay Packers-When you are the defending champions and you are playing at a level this high there’s no place for you to be but No. 1.

Last Edited: 09/24/2011

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