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Big Friday Blogitude

Written by Curt Popejoy on 06/11/2010

I've decided with so much stuff going on, I am going to dedicate some time every Friday evening, to just some stream of consciousness type of things about the events of the week, football and non-football related.  


Just so you don't misunderstand, I am not reporting that the NCAA has handed down it's punishment for USC's infractions from back in 2004-2005ish.  Unless you live in a cave, you have already heard all about it. And you've heard the punishment handed down.  If you haven't gotten the specifics of what the NCAA said, you can read that here...

Now, I'm no expert on NCAA rules, but this looks to me to be a case of more of the same.  I've said publicly that I thought USC AD Mike Garrett is the worst AD in the country and this just cements it for me. The blind eye that was turned here is just crazy.

Before I go on, please understand I hate the Trojans.  Hate 'em just cause.  So I have no beef with bad stuff happening to them.  But having said that, I think first, USC knew.  IF they didn't know, the hoops program would not have tried to fall on their own sword.  So Coach Carroll save it.  You got on the last life boat off the Titanic.

RE:Player transfers.  I think it's a good deal that the NCAA is going to let Juniors and Seniors transfer without sitting out.  I don't think incoming Freshman should be given that option, mainly because they signed that LOI knowing that the shit was going to hit the fan.  

Honestly, I think that USC got the hammer swung on them a lot like why Big Ben got in so much hot water.  It's a shot across the bow to other college programs pulling the same shenanigans.  

How long until schools just start turning on each other ratting each other out, starting first and foremost with USC throwing everyone under the bus that they can?  Count on it.

Reggie Bush and his big trophy

I would love to sit here and give some insightful commentary about why Bush should lose or keep his Heisman, but instead I'll just say this.  The award itself is not that important, so do whatever.  Just do a Brian Cushing and re vote and if the voters don't care, than so be it.

More Re-Alignment Madness

I have already railed at length about what a huge lie all this is, and how these schools are just greedy.  Here come the big Super Conference model with 4 conferences, 16 teams each and all you whiners will get yer playoffs.  I love that a conference like the SEC would entertain a program like Texas A&M, who's bankrupt and with no future, to latch onto a TV market and recruiting market.  Feel loved Aggies.

Meanwhile NCAA is taking a big dump on years of tradition, and no one seems to mind.  

Boise State

WTF?  You made your big move to the Mountain West?  Impressive.  Could you not coax the PAC-?? to take you in?  I assume this means Boise will get some more coin, so their AD can get new marble counter tops in his house or whatever, but if you want to be taken seriously in the BCS(and I thought you did?) you better beg your way into a Super Conference, not another mid major.

In NFL news

Terrell Owens is still out of work.  That makes me chuckle.

Oil Spill

All this coverage of the oil spill makes me wish they talked more on the news about the NBA finals.

The NBA finals

No sweep means I don't get my wish to a merciful end to the season.

World Cup

I don't watch.  I feel dirty watching it.  I can't stand soccer.  And please don't email me that I don't get it.  I get it.  I've played.  It's the American Football equivalent of 100 incomplete passes.  And there is huge excitement today, because the opening matches of the World Cup ended with ties.  Are you serious?  Ties?  How would NFL fans feel about this?  I hope they would hate it like I do.

Last Edited: 06/11/2010

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