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5 NFL predicitions sure to go wrong

Written by Curt Popejoy on 09/10/2009

Am I the only one who feels like this year is going to be a tremendous year for the NFL?  I just get the sense that with the elite athletes in this league, it looks like some big things are going to happen this season. Records falling and huge plays week after week.  Here's my fearless forecast of 5 things I'm feeling in my gut and it's not just acid reflux.  And I apologize in advance for these players and their fans, in case I have cursed them to miserable seasons. 

1. Adrian Peterson will set the single season rushing record-Peterson was handcuffed last season by a very mediocore supporting cast.  This year, the addition of Brett Favre alone Should open up more lanes by backing safetys off.  AD is the best running back in the league, if all you are asking if for someone to run the football and that's what Minnesota is going to do.  

 2. Drew Brees will set the single season passing yardage record-On a team that's just filthy with offensive talent, it looks as if there isn't a whole lot of options in terms of run between the tackles guys.  Pierre Thomas is nicked up and even if he was healthy Brees will be flinging it.   You figure in their defense has a tendency to give up some points, they could be playing from behind. Oh and their best running back, Reggie Bush, is easily a more valuable asset in the passing game than the run game.

 3.The offensive Rookie of the year will be Matt Stafford not Mark Sanchez-Detroit it's that bad in terms of skill players, at least the equal of the Jets but their defense is just enough worse to keep Stafford throwing, where Sanchez has a couple of backs to hand it off to, and a great offensive line.  Stafford to Calvin Johnson will be a combo for years to come and this year they will hook up over 100 times.

 4.The defensive Rookie of the year will be Aaron Curry-I've been pimping this kid for months so I'm not stopping now.  He's going to be Patrick Willis v.2.0 no doubt about it.  They have a defense that leans heavily on the linebackers and this group might be the best in the league. 

 5. NFL MVP will be Ben Roethlisberger-Much respect to Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson who will finish second and third but I expect an epic season for the Steelers on both sides of the ball.  Ultimately it will be Ben's arm, and his legs that carries this team all year and he'll be rewarded for it.

Last Edited: 09/10/2009

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