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Redskins (Seven Round) Mock Draft

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NFL Set To Reinstate Tanard Jackson Tuesday

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WR Kofi Hughes Met With The Redskins

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2014 NFL Mock Draft

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Sunday Morning Mail Sack

I've been getting some great emails from readers about the new site and just some excellent questions and comments. So every Sunday morning I am going to reach in the Mail Sack and answer a few.

Why didn’t the Chiefs draft a quarterback in the first round?

Matt C in Overland Park,KS

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Rookies

1. Trent Richardson, RB Cleveland Browns-Potential to be a top 5 pick in all fantasy leagues very soon.

2. Andrew Luck, QB Indianapolis Colts-True Franchise signal caller and on a team without a great running game, he will develop quickly as a passer.

3. Robert Griffin III, QB Washington Redskins-Probably the best rookie next year, but will take a back seat to Luck and Richardson in the long term.

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Tight Ends

Fantasy Football Rankings TE’s

1. Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots Bye-9

2. Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints Bye-6

3. Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers Bye-10

4. Vernon Davis, San Fransisco 49ers Bye-9

5. Antonio Davis, San Diego Chargers Bye-7

6. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys Bye-5

7. Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots Bye-9

8. Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Lions Bye-5

9. Jacob Tamme, Denver Broncos Bye-7

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Wide Receivers

Fantasy Football Rankings-Wide Receivers

1. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions Bye-5

2. Andre Johnson, Houston Texans Bye-8

3. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals Bye-10

4. Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons Bye-7

5. Mike Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers Bye-4

6. Wes Welker, New England Patriots Bye-9

7. Victor Cruz, New York Giants Bye-11

8. AJ Green, Cincinnati Bengals Bye-8

9. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons Bye-7

10. Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers Bye-6

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Running Backs

Fantasy Football Rankings-Running Backs

1. Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens Bye-8

2. Arian Foster, Houston Texans Bye-8

3. LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles Bye-7

4. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars Bye-6

5. Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans Bye-11

6. Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants Bye-11

7. Ryan Matthews, San Diego Chargers Bye-7

8. Fred Jackson, Buffalo Bills Bye-8

9. Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders Bye-5

10. Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks, Bye-11

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Quarterbacks

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings-Quarterbacks

1.       Aaron Rogers, Green Bay Packers Bye-10

2.       Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions Bye-5

3.       Tom Brady, New England Patriots Bye-9

4.       Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys Bye-5

5.       Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints Bye-6

6.       Eli Manning, New York Giants Bye-11

7.       Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers Bye-6

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Instant Analysis-Picks 1-8 2012 NFL Draft

The start of the 2012 NFL Draft was sort of a pre-ordained scenario, at least for the top 2 picks.  All in all few suprises in terms of players but as with any draft there has to be some moves.

1.Indianapolis Colts-Andrew Luck, RB Stanford-The worst kept secret in the league for the past 2 months.  Obviously this is the move that had to be made.  Luck is a remarkable quarterback, the Colts are not a bare cupboard, and I expect them to be competitive right away. LOVE IT!

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Post Super Bowl/Pre-Combine 2012 NFL draft, mock style

1. Indianapolis Colts-Andrew Luck, QB Stanford-I am not convinced that the Colts already declaring Luck as their pick isn’t a whole lot of posturing, but it’s hard to imagine anyone but Luck being the top pick, regardless of who ends up selecting here.

2. St. Louis Rams-Justin Blackmon, WR Oklahoma State-The lack of talent on this roster all over the field is disturbing. They have a handful of good players but the franchise has seemed content with mediocore talent, especially at wide receiver. Blackmon is a dominant player at his position and would be a welcome addition for young quarterback Sam Bradford.

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NFL Power Rankings-Week 2

Like most seasons, this NFL season has the mix of a few really great times, a few really bad ones, and a whole bunch in the middle.

32. Kansas City Chiefs-A team ravaged with injuries and poor coaching.

31. Indianapolis Colts-Peyton Manning gets hurt and the whole team just gave up.

30. Seattle Seahawks-Worst offense in the NFL.  Pete Carroll has no talent at quarterback.

29. Carolina Panthers-Cash Newton racking up big passing yards but no W’s.

28. Miami Dolphins-Lots of offense but a defense that can’t stop a flag football team.

27. St. Louis Rams-This team lacks speed on defense and it’s offense is just too beat up to be competitive.

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2012 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.2 Robert Griffin IIIQB Baylor
3.71 Josh LeRibeusOG Southern Methodist
4.102 Kirk CousinsQB Michigan State
4.119 Keenan RobinsonOLB Texas
5.141 Adam GettisOG Iowa
6.173 Alfred MorrisFB Florida Atlantic
6.193 Tom ComptonOT South Dakota
7.213 Richard CrawfordCB Southern Methodist
7.217 Jordan BernstineCB Iowa

2011 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.16 Ryan KerriganDE Purdue
2.41 Jarvis JenkinsDT Clemson
3.79 Leonard HankersonWR Miami (FL)
4.105 Roy HeluRB Nebraska
5.146 Dejon GomesCB Nebraska
5.155 Niles PaulWR Nebraska
6.177 Evan RoysterRB Penn State
6.178 Aldrick RobinsonWR Southern Methodist
7.214 Brandyn ThompsonCB Boise State
7.218 Maurice HurtOG Florida
7.225 Markus WhiteDE Florida State
7.255 Chris NeildDT West Virginia

2010 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.4 Trent WilliamsOT Oklahoma
4.103 Perry RileyOLB LSU
6.174 Dennis MorrisTE Louisiana Tech
7.219 Terrence AustinWR UCLA
7.229 Erik CookC New Mexico
7.231 Selvish CapersOT West Virginia

2009 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.13 Brian OrakpoDE Texas
3.80 Kevin BarnesCB Maryland
5.158 Cody GlennILB Nebraska
6.186 Robert HensonILB Texas Christian
7.221 Eddie WilliamsTE Idaho
7.243 Marko MitchellWR Nevada

2008 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
2.34 Devin Thomas WR Michigan State
2.48 Fred Davis TE USC
2.51 Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma
3.96 Chad Rinehart OT Northern Iowa
4.124 Justin Tryon CB Arizona State
6.180 Kareem Moore DB Nicholls State
6.186 Colt Brennan QB Hawaii
7.242 Rob Jackson DE Kansas State
7.249 Chris Horton S UCLA

2007 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.6 LaRon Landry S Louisiana State
5.143 Dallas Sartz OLB USC
6.179 H.B. Blades OLB Pittsburgh
6.205 Jordan Palmer QB Texas-El Paso
7.216 Tyler Ecker TE Michigan

2006 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
2.35 Rocky McIntosh OLB Miami (Fla.)
5.153 Anthony Montgomery DT Minnesota
6.173 Reed Doughty CB Northern Colorado
6.196 Kedric Golston DT Georgia
7.230 Kili Lefotu OG Arizona
7.250 Kevin Simon OLB Tennessee

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