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New 2013 NFL Mock Draft

Lots of big changes in my newest 2013 NFL Mock Draft. Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas has disappointed, so I have ruled him out at this point as an early entry and he's off the board. I have taken all my running backs out of the first round, not because I think a player like South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore isn't talented, just no in demand compared to the other talent in the draft.

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Curt's Big 32 for the 2013 NFL Draft-UPDATED

Please keep in mind, this is my list of who I like.  This has nothing to do with predicting where they will be drafted.   If I were an NFL GM, if all positions were on the board, this would be my top 32 guys. You couldn't really go wrong with any of these guys, but don't be shocked that my order doesn't fall in line with what most believe.

Obviously I reserve the right to make changes to this as the season goes on, and it is of course a fluid list. 

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Best of the Bunch-Linebackers

The role of a linebacker, especially in a college defense is pretty varied depending on the system.  In some, they are pass rush specialists, in others they are hybrid defensive backs, but no matter what you call them, the middle 3(or in some cases 4) of the defense are vital for not only run stopping, but in pass defense.  It's where nearly every team's top tacklers come from, and in order to be great there must be playmakers.  This year's units all contain talented playmakers in all facets of the game.  And the 4 units I have picked were fairly easy selections and they stand well ahead of the rest of the country.

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8 Players eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft

Every year there are a few players who for one reason or another find themselves ineligible for school, and if it happens during the right window, they can declare for the NFL Supplemental Draft.  It's not a true draft in the traditional sense, it's more of an auction.  

Quickly, the draft allows teams to bid with a pick, in any of the traditional 7 rounds.  For example if a team bids their 4th round pick, and no other team bids higher, that team gets the player, and forfeits that pick the following year.

This year per Gregg Rosenthal @greggrosenthal on Twitter, 8 players have found themselves in a position where they were not eligible to return to their schools in the Fall so they find themselves waiting for July 12th to come and see if their football careers continue.  

The 8 players in this year's draft are pretty unremarkable.

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Best of the Bunch-Defensive Line

What constitutes a great defensive line?  In many cases, you have to divide the line in half, between defensive ends and defensive tackles and if you can get one unit to be elite, you should be happy.  Winning in college football is all about matchups so if you have elite defensive ends you can exploit that matchup and force offenses to account for it.  More double teams on the outside, one on ones on the inside and so the defensive tackles look unstoppable even though the talent there is more average.  When I started to create my scouting list for this season, the sheer number of good and great defensive linemen in the country was impressive.  Which makes trying to pick and then rank the 4 best groups all that more challenging.  Love what South Carolina and TCU have going, but they just missed the cut among the very top tier of groups.  You win and lose at the line of scrimmage and these groups are going to win a lot.

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Best of the Bunch-Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks-This list isn’t about best NFL draft prospect. And it’s not based solely on who the best starter is. In college football, the backup quarterback is one play away from being on the field and a team with depth is crucial. The 4 teams I listed below have dynamic playmakers, pro prospects, and in some cases carry their teams on their backs.

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College Football Pre-Season Top 25

Preseason Top 25

1. Alabama-Even with their losses, they are still so talented on both sides of the football.

2. USC-Probably a national title contender last year if not for their sanctions. Should be in the thick of it all year long.

3. LSU-Another team that took significant losses in terms of personnel but looks ready to reload.

4. Oklahoma-There are questions on both sides of the football, but you can’t deny the passing attack promises to be explosive.

5. Oregon-This ranking could change greatly if the Ducks struggle to find someone to step in for Darron Thomas at quarterback.

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Curt's Heisman Hopefuls for the 2012 College Football Season

I tell myself every year that I am not going to do this. And every year I do it anyway. I’ve voiced my opinion about the “value” of the Heisman Trophy many times so I will save the keystrokes. But in my old age what I have come to understand is that it has its place in college football, just as bowl games do.

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2012 College Football Pre-Season All American Team


QB-Matt Barkley, USC 

RB-Montee Ball, Wisconsin 

RB-Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina 

WR-Robert Woods, USC 

WR-Keenan Allen, Cal 

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2012 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Cordy GlennOG 41Bills
Ben JonesC 99Texans
Orson CharlesTE 116Bengals
Brandon BoykinCB 123Eagles
Blair WalshK 175Vikings
Justin AndersonOT 208Colts
DeAngelo TysonDE 236Ravens
Drew ButlerP

2011 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
A.J. GreenWR 4Bengals
Justin HoustonDE 70Chiefs
Akeem DentILB 91Falcons
Clint BolingOT 101Bengals
Kris DurhamWR 107Seahawks
Shaun ChapasFB 221Cowboys
Josh DavisOT
Demarcus DobbsDE
Vance CuffCB

2010 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Rennie CurranOLB 97Titans
Geno AtkinsDT 120Bengals
Reshad JonesS 163Dolphins
Jeff OwensDT 243Eagles
Kade WestonDT 248Patriots
Roderick BattleDE
Vince VanceOT
Michael MooreWR
Caleb KingRB
Joe CoxQB

2009 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Matthew StaffordQB 1Lions
Knowshon MorenoRB 12Broncos
Mohamed MassaquoiWR 50Browns
Asher AllenCB 86Vikings
Corvey IrvinDT 93Panthers
Jarius WynnDE 182Packers
Brannan SoutherlandFB
Dannell EllerbeILB

2008 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Marcus Howard DE 161Colts
Thomas Brown RB 172Falcons
Chester Adams OG 222Bears
Brandon Coutu K 235Seahawks

2007 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Quentin Moses DE 65Raiders
Charles Johnson DE 83Panthers
Martrez Milner TE 133Falcons
Ken Shackleford OT 190Rams

2006 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Tim Jennings CB 62Colts
Leonard Pope TE 72Cardinals
Max Jean-Gilles OG 99Eagles
Greg Blue CB 149Vikings
DeMario Minter CB 152Browns
Kedric Golston DT 196Redskins
D.J. Shockley QB 223Falcons

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