2012 NFL Draft Round 1

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1.Indianapolis Colts Andrew LuckQBStanford
The worst kept secret in the league for the past 2 months. Obviously this is the move that had to be made. Luck is a remarkable quarterback, the Colts are not a bare cupboard, and I expect them to be competitive right away. LOVE IT!
2.Washington Redskins (From Rams)Robert Griffin IIIQBBaylor
The Redskins went HAM to go up and draft RGIII and as I've written already I completely get the logic in it. You simply cannot be a Super Bowl team wihtout elite quarterback play and that starts with a first round quarterback. While I am not as high on RGIII as I am Luck, and I am really not as high on the Redskins team as I am the Colts, I see the potential in him, and if you are a Redskins fan you have to have optimism that you haven't had in a long time. LIKE IT!
3.Cleveland Browns (From Vikings)Trent RichardsonRBAlabama
I love this trade and hate it. giving up a 4th, 5th, and 7th round pick to move up a spot is a bargain. that 5th and 7th are longshots to make the roster, so big whoop. My hate is with the position(not the player). I think Trent Richardson is a special type of player. But inherently moving up to draft a running back high in the first round is something I struggle to wrap my head around. LIKE IT!
4.Minnesota Vikings (From Browns)Matt KalilOTSouthern California
Probably the safest pick in the draft. Kalil isn't Joe Thomas, but he's going to be plug and play for a long time. Peterson will love having him block for him, and Ponder better hold up his head of the deal. LOVE IT!
5.Jacksonville Jaguars (From Buccaneers)Justin BlackmonWROklahoma State
I don't think he's a No1. but if they want Blaine Gabbert to succeed Blackmon is going to help. Strong and physical player who will take advantage of the rules. As for the trade up, if you covet a player, you go get your guy. LIKE IT!
6.Dallas Cowboys (From Redskins through Rams)Morris ClaiborneCBLouisiana State
Another value trade up to draft their guy. Claiborne is an elite player, and the cost to get his was minimal. I knew ther was no way they were going up to get Mark Barron. This pick makes much more sense. Nice move by Jerry Jones. LOVE IT!
7.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (From Jaguars)Mark BarronSAlabama
My first hate it pick. Mark it down, this was an over draft and he will never be considered among the elite in the league. He's not as smooth on film as people say and he's going to be more in the box than in coverage. Passing on a chance to get Claiborne for Barron makes it ever worse. HATE IT!
8.Miami Dolphins Ryan TannehillQBTexas A&M
And the ultimate over draft. I've gone on plenty about Tennehill and what a project he is. A team as bad as Miami can't wait for him to maybe develop. HATE IT!
9.Carolina Panthers Luke KuechlyILBBoston College
Great pick for the Panthers. He's a 3 down backer and like I said in my bold predictions earlier today, he's the next great NFL linebacker. No flaws in his game and unstoppable. LOVE IT!
10.Buffalo Bills Stephon GilmoreCBSouth Carolina
Nice safe pick here. Probably not the impact player in terms of stats that Micael Floyd would, but he's a super clean pick and if the Bills can get some pressure on the quarterback he'll have a chance to make a lot of plays. LIKE IT!
11.Kansas City Chiefs Dontari PoeDTMemphis
The Chiefs has had problems with high picks on the defensive line and that might not have stopped. If Poe can play up to his athletic potential, he'll be dominant. But if he plays like his film, he's going to be very average. LIKE IT!
12.Philadelphia Eagles (From Seahawks)Fletcher CoxDTMississippi State
Great player. Got better every game I watched him play. The Eagles haven't always done well with interior defensive linemen in recent drafts, but moving up to get Cox is a very smart move. He's going to crash the middle of the offensive line. LOVE IT!
13.Arizona Cardinals Michael FloydWRNotre Dame
I happen to be a huge Floyd pimp. Love his game and with an influence around him like Larry Fitzgerald, he'll be a quality young man as well. But is there anyone who can get him the football? LOVE IT!
14.St Louis Rams (From Cowboys)Michael BrockersDTLouisiana State
I like the player, but don't love what it means for the Rams. Their team is bad, but with the problems in the secondary, on the offensive line and with the skill players, is a raw unpolished DT the answer in the first round? LIKE IT!
15.Seattle Seahawks (From Eagles)Bruce IrvinOLBWest Virginia
I hate even putting him as a DE because he's far too small to be a 3 down end. He's going to be a pass rush specialist, but I think he's a total reach pick, and I'm not convinced the Seahawk defense is a good fit for him. Like him as a player, but not this early and not to this team. HATE IT!
16.New York Jets Quinton CoplesDENorth Carolina
Pretty meh kind of pick. The Jets got burned on Vernon Gholston, and I'm not sure I would have rolled the dice on another guy like that. In his defense, the Jets don't ask a lot of their rushers, and they can count on that from Coples.
17.Cincinnati Bengals (From Raiders)Dre KirkpatrickCBAlabama
Really like this pick. Kirckpatrick is a big physical kid and he's not afraid to get his nose dirty and tackle. He'll get to tackle his former teammate twice a year in Trent Richrdson too. Fills a definite need and while he's going to draw some penalties, he's got serious talent. LIKE IT!
18.San Diego Chargers Melvin IngramOLBSouth Carolina
I honestly think he should have gone well before guys like Coples and Irvin. He's built to be that big rush LB in a 3-4. Has a great first step, plenty of strength and can play all over the field. LOVE IT!
19.Chicago Bears Shea McClellinDEBoise State
A little shocked he went to a 4-3 team, but if Bruce Irvin can play a 4-3, McClellin absolutely can. He's bigger and stronger and does everything a little better. Sort of a poor man's JJ Watt LIKE IT!
20.Tennessee Titans Kendall WrightWRBaylor
Let me say this. I think Wright is a nice player. Not a No. 1, and I think a large portion of his stats were amassed on plays he'll never have in the NFL. Nice player, good fit, but don't get it twisted. He's not elite. LIKE IT!
21.New England Patriots (From Bengals)Chandler JonesDESyracuse
The Patriots needed and edge rusher, and if you are a going to be very happy with this yong man. Explosive and powerful, the best thing about taking Jones is there is plenty of tape to back up the pick. He's going to be able to come in and contribute right away. LOVE IT!
22.Cleveland Browns (From Falcons)Brandon WeedenQBOklahoma State
This is why you are bad Cleveland. Weeden is old enough to mentor Colt McCoy. Played in a very dumbed down system that asked him to make zero reads. He's not an upgrade from McCoy at this point and doesn't help the team. HATE IT!
23.Detroit Lions Riley ReiffOTIowa
I've been hard on Reiff, but this late he's a steal. He's going to be a great fit on this offense. Probably never going to be a top tier LT, but he can be good on the left and great on the right. LOVE IT!
24.Pittsburgh Steelers David DeCastroOGStanford
Slam dunk of the first round. They needed a dominant interior offensive lineman and they got the best interior olineman in the draft. He'll plug in and start from day one. Steelers ask their guards to pull a lot and he's the best in the draft. LOVE IT!
25.New England Patriots (From Broncos)Dont'a HightowerILBAlabama
Are you kidding? It's not right that the Patriots can score a guy like Hightower. I think he's a Ray Lewis type talent and on the Patriots he's going to be great for a really long time. LOVE IT!
26.Houston Texans Whitney MercilusDEIllinois
Very smart pick here. Texans had to get a pass rusher and rather than panic and trade up they sat tight and got their guy. Explosive and smart with as much upside as any in the draft. LOVE IT!
27.Cincinnati Bengals (From Saints through Patriots)Kevin ZeitlerOGWisconsin
Funny how the crowd in New York has no idea how to react. trust me, he's a great player. He'll start in this league for better than 10 years in any system and plays mad. You can never go wrong when you play mad. LOVE IT!
28.Green Bay Packers Nick PerryDESouthern California
Such a great player. This will give the Packers a dominant pair of rush linebackers. He'll play at a high level in the NFL, and I think in 5 years he's the best of the bunch among these hybrid players. LOVE IT!
29.Minnesota Vikings (From Ravens)Harrison SmithSNotre Dame
Absolute need pick. They had to get a safety, they had plenty of picks and so they went up and got a really nice coverage player. Not a first round talent, but better to reach for a need when you have picks to burn I suppose. LIKE IT!
30.San Francisco 49ers A.J. JenkinsWRIllinois
Wasted pick. He's fast, but he's small. Hands aren't great. He's probably a no. 3 in the NFL and do you draft a No. 3 in the first round. Pretty meh pick at this point. Why take him or the best TE in the draft? HATE IT!
31.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (From Patriots through Broncos)Doug MartinRBBoise State
The Bucs are set up for power football. Rather than having backs that compliment each other, they are very similar. But was this a need? Enough of one to trade up? How much would Josh Freeman have loved Coby Fleener or Stephen Hill? LIKE IT!
32.New York Giants David WilsonRBVirginia Tech
Wilson is a very good player. And if you are the Super Bowl champs you don't need a lot. After letting Brandon Jacobs leave, depth at RB was a concern, and I think Wilson could supplant Bradshaw sooner rather than later. LIKE IT!

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