2011 NFL Draft Round 1

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Pick Team Player Position College
1.Carolina Panthers Cam NewtonQBAuburn
Curt: no shock here. He has been the pick for weeks. How fast he learns will be the difference.
Ben: Personally I hate this pick if I'm a Panthers fan. I understand it, but it makes a joke of their first pick last year
2.Denver Broncos Von MillerOLBTexas A&M
Curt: Denver takes the higher risk/reward guy. I'll be very interested to see how he does in a 4-3. Great player.
Ben: No doubt but I question picking him over Dareus. If they were sticking with the 3-4 it makes great sense. Dumervil and Miller at OLB would be frightening. Not sure how Miller will go in a 4-3 in the pros.
3.Buffalo Bills Marcell DareusDEAlabama
Curt: Love this pick. He is going to be a load in the middle. This team still needs a QB but their defense is much better today.
Ben: Great pick for Buffalo. They need help all over and Dareus is the best guy at their need positions left.
4.Cincinnati Bengals A.J. GreenWRGeorgia
Curt: While I think Julio Jones is a better all around player, this pick makes perfect sense. Now who will throw him the football?
Ben: Typical Bengals pick. Outlandishly talented but with some character questions. Seems like a nice fit and might spell the end for Ochocinco.
5.Arizona Cardinals Patrick PetersonCBLSU
Curt: Peterson is the best all round player in the draft and a no brainer. If you want a guy with almost no flaws this is the player.
6.Atlanta Falcons (from Cleveland)Julio JonesWRAlabama
Curt: I love him as a player but atlanta way over paid. They will never get back the return on this investment.
7.San Francisco 49ers Aldon SmithDEMissouri
Curt: I feel like the Niners drafted the wrong Tiger. But on the bright side this puts Andrew Luck in play for them already.
Ben:Long term this could turn out to be the best pick for them. Smith's probably a while off really contributing, but could be great in time and yeah, the #1 overall in 2012 isn't out of the question!
8.Tennessee Titans Jake LockerQBWashington
Curt: Hard to see how Locker goes ahead of Gabbert but the position makes perfect sense for Tennessee. Titans better hope Locker can improve that accuracy, and quickly.
Ben:Yeah I'm kind of baffled by this one too. Locker's going to need a lot of work and really shouldn't see the field for a couple of years. Can't argue with need though.
9.Dallas Cowboys Tyron SmithOTUSC
Curt: Dallas is going to look back in five years and know they drafted a good player, but passed on better ones.
10.Jacksonville Jaguars (from Washington)Blaine GabbertQBMissouri
Curt: When he started to slide I figured someone would go up after him.
Ben: That's not a bad situation to land in for Gabbert. Nice to see the Jags do something flashy in the draft after the safe pick on Alualu last year.
11.Houston Texans J.J. WattDEWisconsin
Curt: Love him as a player but I am not sure he can impact a team enough to warrant a pick this high.
Ben: I'm a huge Watt fan, he's incredibly versatile which I think helps him make this pick more worthwhile, but usually I'd be against a five technique going this high.
12.Minnesota Vikings Christian PonderQBFlorida State
Curt: I figured he's go early in the first, but on the need factor not on the talent factor. Total reach pick here and not a pick I would make.
13.Detroit Lions Nick FairleyDTAuburn
Curt: Probably not the greatest position of need, but man, pairing Fairley up with Suh is going to make for a devastating interior defensive line.
14.St Louis Rams Robert QuinnDENorth Carolina
Curt: I figured that the Rams would look for a rush end, but I wasn't sure if it would be Quinn or Bowers. Quinn is a nice player, but I am not so excited if I am Rams fan.
15.Miami Dolphins Mike PounceyCFlorida
Curt: Don't like this pick at all. He's not his brother and he doesn't make this team much better. Bad pick, IMO. Dolphins need so much help and you don't take a Center here.
16.Washington Redskins (from Jacksonville)Ryan KerriganDEPurdue
Curt: Really? I mean he's a good player, and he and Brian Orakpo will make for a nice combo, but I have to shake my head at at team that needs so much adding a guy who might not even start this year.
17.New England Patriots (from Oakland)Nate SolderOTColorado
Curt: I don't often say that the Pats miss on a pick, but even though I think Solder is a nice player, he's not as good as many other players on the board. Another good player drafted ahead of some great ones.
18.San Diego Chargers Corey LiugetDTIllinois
Curt: I like him as a player. I don't like him as much as Cameron Jordan, but my bigger concern is where he'll play in the Charger defense.
Ben: Am wondering if this is possibly a trade in principle with some other team. I'm not 100% sure how well Liuget fits in San Diego's 3-4 base?
19.New York Giants Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Curt: Nice pick for the Giants. They needed an offensive lineman, and still do, but this is a great value pick here. Now he can show if he really loves football or not, because the New York fans will rip him apart if he doesn't.
20.Tampa Bay Buccaneers Adrian ClaybornDEIowa
Curt: I am happy that he got drafted this high. He was so unstoppable two years ago. I wanted to get him into my mock, but there were so many concerns. And Cameron Jordan keeps on falling. Bowers too.
21.Cleveland Browns (from Kansas City)Phil TaylorDTBaylor
Curt: Someone in there must have blown some smoke into Cleveland to go up and get a nose tackle. Good player, and in time could be a great nose. Pure zero technique.
22.Indianapolis Colts Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
Curt: This pick makes perfect sense for the Colts. I don't think Castanzo is a better player than Gabe Carimi, but he'll be a nice fit in Indy.
23.Philadelphia Eagles Danny WatkinsOGBaylor
Curt: I am opposed to drafting any player who will be a 27 year old rookie in round 1. He's a good football player, but in football years he's an old man.
Ben: They should get a handful of really good years out of Watkins. Amusing that after that bout of patriotic flag waving the Commish introduces a Canadian!
24.New Orleans Saints Cameron JordanDTCalifornia
Curt: I would have guessed this guy would have been long gone by now. More of a BPA pick than need, but he's another guy I have to wonder where exactly he'll get his reps on that line.
25.Seattle Seahawks James CarpenterOTAlabama
Curt: First WTF pick. The Seahawks FO are dumb. Dumb, dumb dumb.
Ben: I think there's been a couple of WTF picks already but yeah, this one seems to fit the bill too.
26.Kansas City Chiefs (from Atlanta via Cleveland)Jonathan BaldwinWRPittsburgh
Curt: Kind of a head scratcher even though I had him in the first round. They keep drafting offensive players, their offense should be better. Except their line isn't very good. Should have went oline.
Ben: I'm doubly surprised. I thought for sure they'd love Gabe Carimi, even before the trade down. I'm also surprised Ossie Newsome appears to have messed up?
27.Baltimore Ravens (failed to pick @26)Jimmy SmithCBColorado
Curt: This guy was born to be a Raven. Super talented, super confident and going to a great organization. Should have been drafted many picks ago. I said months ago, he was the best press corner in the draft.
28.New Orleans Saints (from New England)Mark IngramRBAlabama
Curt: One of my favorite players in the draft. Went to a great team where he's going to have big lanes to run through. Could be dominant, but also shows what a wasted pick Reggie Bush really was.
29.Chicago Bears Gabe CarimiOTWisconsin
Curt: Love him. What a steal here for the Bears. Absolute mauler and has the best resume' in the draft. Will anchor that Bears line for a decade.
30.New York Jets Muhammad WilkersonDTTemple
Curt: More of an effort player than a high talent guy. Not sure he's going to help with the pass rush, but he'll be a good run stuffer for the Jets and might help free up the linebackers.
31.Pittsburgh Steelers Cameron HeywardDEOhio State
Curt: When you have spots that are big time needs, you don't reach for depth. There are great tackles and corners on the board. Did Colbert watch the Super Bowl?
Ben: I'm not so unhappy about that. Aaron Smith may not be back, Kiesel is old too.
32.Green Bay Packers Derek SherrodOTMississippi State
Curt: Real nice player. He's probably going to end up playing on the right side, because he's pretty big but in a draft where the tackle talent falls off the cliff, the Packers got the last of the really good ones.

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Top Available Prospects
DeAndre McDaniel S
Colin Baxter C
Terrance Toliver WR
Charlie Gantt TE
Deunta Williams S
Danny Aiken LS
Terrelle Pryor QB
Jamie Harper RB
Michael Morgan OLB
Barquell Rivers ILB
Justin Boren OG
Mark Herzlich OLB
Armon Binns WR
Kristofer O'Dowd C
Pat Devlin QB
Will Hill S
Darvin Adams WR
Pierre Allen DE
Ugo Chinasa DE
John Clay RB

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