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Ranking the Quarterbacks-Big 12

If there is any conference in college football which is known for its potent passing offense it's the Big 12.  They spread you out and sling it deep.  So ranking the quarterbacks is hard because there are going to be some serious numbers put up by these signal callers.  But as in every conference there are some teams who have quarterback situations that are unsettled and it will really hamstring them this season.

The Elite

1. Collin Klein, Kansas State-So, I'm a hypocrite.  I talk up the explosive passing of the Big 12 and put Klein first.  But he is the best.  There is no other player on this list who threw his team on his back like Klein did and even though the majority of his damage was done with his legs, don't discount his arm.  He ran out of necessity, but I am optimistic that

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Best of the Bunch-Defensive Backs

I think there is something mystifying about defensive backs. I also think for the most part it's smoke and mirrors.  When the NFL starts giving fans access to the all-22 camera angle for games this year, you are going to get a chance to see that coverages in the NFL, and along those lines college football aren't as complex as we are led to believe.  Having said that, there are still some tremendous talent in college football this season and some groups that can make plays even without complicated schemes and assignments that require an exceptional football IQ.  The 4 groups I have chosen for this list are comprised of exceptional athletes and groups that work well together.  And with all due respect to a guy like David Amerson who's the best cornerback in the country he's not enough to put his group on this list.  One note, the Georgia Bulldogs would be on this list, if not for the off field problems and potential suspensions they are facing.

4. <

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What to do with Penn State?

Unless you've been living under a rock that doesn't have internet access, then you have heard that former FBI Director Louis Freeh returned his findings on his investigation of how Penn State handled the Jerry Sandusky situation.  Here is a link to the full report if you feel like drudging through all 267 pages.  http://assets.espn.go.com/pdf/2012/0712/psupressrelease.pdf  I did read through the vast majority of it, but Like secret agent Sterling Malory Archer says, "Broad strokes!".  No one really needs to read the whole thing to get the jist.  Powers that be, including now deceased former head football coach Joe Paterno, former Penn State President Graham Spanier, suspended AD Tim Curley, and retired vice president Gary Schultz  conspired to varying degrees to help Sandusky and impede his investigation.  The Freeh report was tel

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2014 NFL Mock Draft


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Ranking the Quarterbacks-SEC

The power conference in college football has always been known for dominant defenses, but this year the SEC also boasts a very solid group of quarterbacks, with a few being not only elite college quarterbacks but elite NFL Draft prospects.  Here's how I shake down the SEC signal callers.


The Elite

1. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas-This was close, but I give the nudge to Wilson because while I put him very close to no.2 and no. 3 on this list in terms of college players, I think Wilson is the better NFL prospect and deserves the top spot.  Even with a new head coach, I expect big things from Wilson.

2. Aaron Murray, Georgia-Murray had a very good, albeit quiet year where he threw for 2,861 yards and an impressive 33tds.  This year I expect him to improve on those considerably as he continues to develop as a quarterback.

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10 Must Watch Games for the 2012 College Football Season

I started putting this list together as I am prepping for the upcoming college football season.  I've broken the list into 2 groups, non-conference and conference matchups.  Some of these games will have BCS significance and others will be more of traditional importance, but they all look to me to be great games and well worth your time whether you are a fan of the teams or not.

Top 5 non-conference games

5. BYU at Utah September 15th-This matchup has been a tradition for many years, but since the conference changes in 2010 we've been counting down to the beginning of the end of the Holy War.  This game is less about 2 great teams fighting for BCS position but marks what may be the end of a great football tradition.

4. Auburn Vs. Clemson(in Atlan

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NFL Mt. Rushmore-Buffalo Bills

Every NFL Franchise has it’s own pantheon of football gods. That group of players who are not only historic in terms of talent, but even more than that, these are the players who you have to talk about when you tell the story of your team. This is part of a 32 article series where I tell you who I would put among that elite group. For this, it’s Mt. Rushmore. 4 players only. The 4 heads you would carve on a mountain that would live forever as the greatest in franchise history.

Now, I don’t profess to know the history of every franchise in the league. So, I did my research. And part of that was reaching out to you fans. But if you don’t agree with the 4 guys I have selected, come find me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/nfldraftboard and let me hear what you think.

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Best of the Bunch-Linebackers

The role of a linebacker, especially in a college defense is pretty varied depending on the system.  In some, they are pass rush specialists, in others they are hybrid defensive backs, but no matter what you call them, the middle 3(or in some cases 4) of the defense are vital for not only run stopping, but in pass defense.  It's where nearly every team's top tacklers come from, and in order to be great there must be playmakers.  This year's units all contain talented playmakers in all facets of the game.  And the 4 units I have picked were fairly easy selections and they stand well ahead of the rest of the country.

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Morning Mail Sack

Morning Mail Sack

If you had the first pick in your fantasy football league draft, who would you take?

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8 Players eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft

Every year there are a few players who for one reason or another find themselves ineligible for school, and if it happens during the right window, they can declare for the NFL Supplemental Draft.  It's not a true draft in the traditional sense, it's more of an auction.  

Quickly, the draft allows teams to bid with a pick, in any of the traditional 7 rounds.  For example if a team bids their 4th round pick, and no other team bids higher, that team gets the player, and forfeits that pick the following year.

This year per Gregg Rosenthal @greggrosenthal on Twitter, 8 players have found themselves in a position where they were not eligible to return to their schools in the Fall so they find themselves waiting for July 12th to come and see if their football careers continue.  

The 8 players in this year's draft are pretty unremarkable.

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