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Scouting Snapshots-Matt Barkley

Written by Curt Popejoy on 08/05/2012

These are my preseason scouting reports.  They are meant to just lay a foundation for where these players are going into the 2012 College Football season.  Obviously when I do final scouting reports on these players after the season, things will change.  No guarantees they will change for the better, and I do my best to be objective and pragmatic.  You all may take that as being negative, but if I like a guy I say so, and if I don't, you'll hear that too.

Matt Barkley, QB USC




-Pro-style offense
-Ability to read defenses
-Good decision making
-Nice velocity on short routes
-Quick, compact throwing motion
-Works defenses with his eyes
-Footwork in the pocket



-Lacks ideal size
-Arm on intermediate and deep routes questionable
-Doesn't throw well on the run
-Not a great athlete
-Stigma of USC quarterbacks in the NFL
-Not elite in any area
-Stacked skill players
-Potential, not great

2012 Outlook

I am going to be watching Barkley very closely to see how he does when things aren't going well.  He's got the top WR tandem in the nation and now have added a top flight running back.  Life is going to be easy for him most weeks.  I hope he shows greater velocity and zip on his medium throws and better deep ball accuracy.  I want to see his footwork when he's under duress.  He needs to set himself apart from what is looking like a stacked quarterback class.  I do believe Barkley has first round potential, I will not put him as my top quarterback until I see much more from him.

Last Edited: 08/05/2012

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