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Evening Mail Sack

Written by Curt Popejoy on 07/31/2012

What's up football fans?  First off, I want to say I'm sorry for slacking on the old mail sack.  Been swamped trying to get ready for the college and NFL season, along with preparing to head back to my day job as a Special Education Teacher and my time has been tight.  But I've kept all the emails and DM's and I'll do my best to try and get caught up.

Why do you do all this work for football?-Clint in South Dakota

That's a question I could probably fill a blog with Clint.  But the short answer is I do it for 2 reasons.  One is I love football.  I've loved football my whole life.  And not just as a fan.  I've loved it from an analytical standpoint.  Always breaking down schemes and strengths and weaknesses of teams and players.  Clear back to when I was playing in middle school.  The invention of the internet and social media has simply allowed me to share that passion with thousands of people.  If I can get others to feel the way I do about football, than I've accomplished what I've set out to do. 

But there's a second part of this question.  For the past decade this endeavor has been a labor of love.  My livelyhood has been through my teaching.  But that's changed for me recently for a couple of reasons.  First off, I really want this to be my career.   How I take care of my family.  I have supreme confidence that I can do this at a high enough level to earn a good living.  I just need a shot.  And I'll be honest, after spending a chunk of the Summer reading over the work of people who do what I do and make a living at it, I am baffled.  No offense to them, because someone thought enough of their work to pay them, but I have no doubts if I got a shot, I could be successful.  In this business it's a lot about who ya know over what ya know.  Ya know?  

Do you think Professional football players are overpaid?-Abby in Houston

Of course they are, Abby.  All professional athletes are overpaid for what they do.  And to anyone reading this spare me the whole market argument, because it's silly.  Just because owners are willing to overspend, knowing they will make it back, doesn't mean players have earned their salaries.  It's part of the reason I don't pay to attend professional football games, and rarely if ever purchase merchandise pertaining to my team.  I don't fault players for taking the salaries they are given.  But when you look at it objectively at the service they provide they are certainly overpaid.


Should college athletes be paid?-Alan

I'm pretty sure they already are.  And I'm not even talking about the tens of thousands of dollars in free tuition, books, housing and meals they get.  And pease spare me they are given that because they are exceptional or elite.  Most aren't either of those things in the classroom, yet the bulk of a scholarship is for academics, where many fall woefully short.  But as I said I'm not talking about that.  Of course college athletes are paid.  How do I know?  First, I've spoken to many many college athletes at levels from DII to top level DI programs and they've all told me in confidence the existence of the $50 handshakes and mystery jobs are real.  For every guy who gets caught collecting a check from a job he didn't ever go to, there are 50 more who aren't caught.  I had a close friend who played DII basketball.  Keep in mind this school is small time and the hoops program not a power.  His team was give a minimum of $100 per game, in an envelope in their locker after the game, as well as various amounts at "dinners" that took place about once or twice a week typically at the home of a booster.  I have no interest in a formal system of payment for student athletes.  The informal ones do just fine.







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