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Arkansas State dismisses Michael Dyer from team-Worst of both worlds

Written by Curt Popejoy on 07/29/2012

It was announced this evening according to Arkansas State SID that former Auburn and much maligned running back Michael Dyer has been dismissed for violation of unspecified team rules. 

What a mess for Dyer and what a ride he's been on.  After being dismissed from Auburn, he transferred to Arkansas State and applied for a waiver that would have allowed him to play this year.  His waiver request was denied.

Upon the denial football fans were taken on a roller coaster ride for several days as rumors flew about Dyer possibly transferring to DII powerhouse Pittsburg State University.  I know I was told personally by staff at PSU that Dyer wanted to be there and was hoping to work out the scholarship concerns.

But 2 days later Ark. State head coach Gus Malzhan held a press conference announcing that Dyer was excited to be at Arkansas State, they were excited to have him, and he would redshirt this season and be ready to play in 2013. 

Who's been lying to us?  I don't believe for one second, and I've had it confirmed, that all this was going on, at the time of the press conference.  What was the point of the smoke screen?  If the Red Wolves knew they had no intention of having him on the team this season, why not announce it in time for him to enter the supplemental NFL Draft, where he would have been coveted?  Why not just let him redshirt and practice then head to the NFL in 2013, or better yet, why not let him transfer in the first place?  Something stinks in all this, and I hope the truth comes out at some point.  If he was never eligible to be at Pitt State this year, then I think Ark State owed it to him to let him out in time to declare for the supplemental draft.

Where Dyer goes now is a little murky.  My first thought was he could still head to a DII school like Pitt State and play this year, but the wording of the NCAA regarding double transfers after dismissal aren't clear.  Ark. State might have done him in for sure if he cannot transfer down and play this year.  It means he'll be forced to sit this season, no practice this year, he'll just train and hope to make a splash in the 2013 NFL draft.

I am working the phones now to try and get more on this situation and Dyer's next move and when I know something you will too.  follow me on Twitter at www.draftboardinsider.com/nfldraftboard for the latest.

Last Edited: 07/29/2012

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