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Ranking the Quarterbacks-SEC

Written by Curt Popejoy on 07/10/2012

The power conference in college football has always been known for dominant defenses, but this year the SEC also boasts a very solid group of quarterbacks, with a few being not only elite college quarterbacks but elite NFL Draft prospects.  Here's how I shake down the SEC signal callers.


The Elite

1. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas-This was close, but I give the nudge to Wilson because while I put him very close to no.2 and no. 3 on this list in terms of college players, I think Wilson is the better NFL prospect and deserves the top spot.  Even with a new head coach, I expect big things from Wilson.

2. Aaron Murray, Georgia-Murray had a very good, albeit quiet year where he threw for 2,861 yards and an impressive 33tds.  This year I expect him to improve on those considerably as he continues to develop as a quarterback.

3. James Franklin, Missouri-Tigers fans boast that there's nothing James Franklin can't do, and they might be right.  This year Franklin is going to be really tested consistently by much better defenses than he saw last season.  While Franklin isn't the pro prospect Murray or Wilson are, I really think his athleticism at QB is going to be something SEC defenses will have to contend with.

4. Tyler Bray, Tennessee-While Bray didn't play a full season last year, he averaged 283 yards per game and better than 2 passing touchdowns per game.  This year he's got some serious weapons in place, and should get a full season of starts and be much better.


The Good

5. AJ McCarron, Alabama-The Crimson Tide really don't count on their quarterbacks to do a whole lot of work, but McCarron showed last year that when called on he can make some big throws and he doesn't make mistakes.  An excellent fit for the Alabama offense.

6. Connor Shaw, South Carolina-Last year Shaw was caught up in a quarterback mess with the troubled Stephen Garcia and it hurt his development.  This year Garcia is gone, and the show belongs to Shaw.  

7. Jordan Rodgers, Vanderbilt-Younger brother of Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, little brother Jordan got a shot to start last October and really made the most of it.  His ceiling isn't great in terms of the NFL, but he's a nice college player and should put up nice numbers.


The Great Unknowns

These are all the rest.  Teams who are either starting new QBs who are unknowns, or teams with multiple quarterbacks trying to win the starting job, so it's unknown as to who will be under center.  Either way these are teams who will struggle this year until their quarterback can get up to speed, and in the SEC you'd better do it quickly.


8. Jameill Showers, Texas A&M

9. Zach Metternberger, LSU

10. Barrett Trotter/Kiehl Frazer, Auburn

11. Jacoby Brissett/Jeff Driskel, Florida

12. Chris Relf/Tyler Russell, Mississippi State

13. Barry Brunetti/Bo Wallace, Ole Miss.

14. Morgan Newton/Max Smith/Patrick Towles, Kentucky

Last Edited: 07/10/2012

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