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Sunday Morning Mail Sack

Written by Curt Popejoy on 06/10/2012

I've been getting some great emails from readers about the new site and just some excellent questions and comments. So every Sunday morning I am going to reach in the Mail Sack and answer a few.

Why didn’t the Chiefs draft a quarterback in the first round?

Matt C in Overland Park,KS

Well Matt, I think there are actually a few reasons why the Chiefs chose to pass on a first round quarterback. First was simply that there was no quarterback on the board at 11 they were willing to draft. I applaud them for that. Personally I think the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins reached for Brandon Weeden and Ryan Tannehill as first round picks, so don't feel bad your team didn't. The Washington Redskins sold out huge to go up and get RGIII, and while I agree with the move on principal, once that was done, the Chiefs were stuck so to speak. I know it's hard as a fan to see a team become almost stagnant because of limited quarterback play. But the reality is there are 32 teams, but not 32 Super Bowl caliber quarterbacks in the league. The new Chiefs coaching staff have confidence in Cassel as well as Kyle Orton, and they should. With parity being what it s in the NFL, and the way injuries happen, the front office has to think they have enoug talent to get to the playoffs. And as we all know, once you are in the playoffs, anything can happen.

I have heard people say that the Chiefs passed on moving up for RGIII, or drafting Weeden and Tannehill because of the money wrapped up in Cassel, but when you look at Cassel's contract you see it was actually pretty front loaded so the fiscal hit isn't there. One thing to keep in mind is that regardless of how the Chiefs do this season, they will have to give serious consideration to where Cassel is with the franchise next year. if he can't get the Chiefs over the hump in 2012, you have to assume they will not extend him in 2013. But the good news is, where there were 4 quarterbacks taken in the first round this year, with 2 that deserved it, in 2013, there will be 5 quarterbacks taken in the first round, Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, Aaron Murray, Tyler Bray, and Logan Thomas and they will all well be worth it.

I’m a St Louis Rams fan. Who’s the best offensive lineman for next year’s draft?

Aaron R

 I would like to give you one name, but instead I'm going to give you two, Aaron, but fortunately you won't have to watch 2 different teams to scout them. The Alabama Crimson Tide sport the 2 more impressive offensive linemen in the nation for me. First is DJ Fluker, who's been a constant at RT for Alabama the last 2 years, and will be so again this year. If the draft were tomorrow, I think he's the first offensive lineman off the board. But for the Rams, who need a guy who can be versatile and for me that's Fluker's teammate Barrett Jones. He's shown in his career at Alabama that he can play anywhere along the line at a high level. This isn't something we see a lot of in college football and it's part of what makes Jones special. If the Rams decide next year to go offensive line, they can't go wrong with their of these guys.

What do you think of the idea of a playoff in college football?

Ira L from Tulsa, OK

Well Ira, I wrote about how I'd fix the BCS back in 2009,  and for the most part, my opinion is unchanged. The notion of putting the initial poll out later in the year is something that I think has to happen in order to get the polls right and getting the polls right has to be the first step in appeasing the masses in any sort of playoff. I still like the idea of the top 6 teams being included with #1 and #2 getting a bye week, and the rest of the bowl games remaining in tact. I will say that I don't hate this idea as much as I did when I wrote the article back in 2009. I still have the same criticisms of it, and remember no system will please everyone so no matter what the happens with the BCS and college football it's going to upset someone.

How long until Urban Meyer wins a National Championship at Ohio State?

Tom D

Looking ahead, I like 2014 as the first year he'll be able to make a serious run. He's got some of his players coming in this year, and he'll have a tremendous 2013 class. By 2014 he's going to have the pieces in place to run that high powered offense with efficiency, and that will make his scary for the Big Ten. I like Braxton Miller a lot, and he as a Senior leading this team would be pretty scary. This year they will be better, and next year a little better still, but I disagree that 2013 is his year because you are counting on a big group of Freshman to come in and carry your team.

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