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The BCS Run In

Written by Ben Morgan on 10/29/2010

First things first, let's take a look at who's still in the running for this thing. For this I'm going all the way down to Numer 8. That gives us all the unbeaten teams plus Alabama who are the best of the one loss teams and the one with the schedule that might get them back into contention yet. Here's how it's played out so far and who's left to come for each of 'em.

1. Auburn 2. Oregon 3. Boise State 4. TCU 5. Michigan State 6. Missouri 7. Alabama 8. Utah
Arkansas St 52-26 New Mexico 72-0 @(10)VTech 33-30 (24)Oregon St 30-21 W Michigan 38-14 Illinois 23-13 San Jose St 48-3 (15)Pitt 27-24
@Miss St 17-14 @Tenn 48-13 Idle Tenn Tech 62-7 @Florida Atl 30-17 McNeese St 50-6 (18)Penn State 24-3 UNLV 38-10
Clemson 27-24 Portland St 69-0 @Wyoming 51-6 Baylor 45-10 Notre Dame 34-31 San Diego St 27-24 @Duke 62-13 @New Mex 56-14
(12)S Carolina 35-27 @Arizona St 42-31 (24)Oregon St 37-24 @SMU 41-24 N Colorado 45-7 Miami (OH) 51-13 @(10)Arkansas 24-20 San Jose St 56-3
LA-Monroe 52-3 (9)Stanford 52-31 @New Mex St 59-0 @Colorado St 27-0 (11)Wisconsin 34-24 Idle (7)Florida 31-6 Idle
@Kentucky 37-34 @Wash St 43-23 Toledo 57-14 Wyoming 45-0 @(18)Michigan 34-17 Colorado 26-0 @(19)S Carolina 21-35 @Iowa St 68-27
(12)Arkansas 65-43 Idle @San Jose St 48-0 BYU 31-3 Illinois 26-6 @Texas A&M 30-9 Mississippi 23-10 @Wyoming 30-6
(6)LSU 24-17 UCLA 60-13 LA Tech 49-20 Air Force 38-7 @Northwestern 35-27 (3)Oklahoma 36-27 @Tenn 41-10 Colorado St 59-6
@Mississippi @(24)USC Idle @UNLV @(18)Iowa @(14)Nebraska Idle @Air Force
Chattanooga Washington Hawaii @(8)Utah Minnesota @Texas Tech @(12)LSU (4)TCU
Georgia @California at Idaho San Diego St Idle Kansas St (23)Miss St @Notre Dame
Idle Idle Fresno State Idle Purdue @Iowa St Georgia St @San Diego St
@(6)Alabama (15)Arizona at Nevada @New Mexico @Penn State @Kansas (3)Auburn BYU
Idle @Oregon St Utah State Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle


So let's look at each team in order and talk about what needs to happen for them to finish in the Top 2.

1. Auburn Tigers

Well for Auburn it's pretty simple. The Computers already love them, and the pollsters are getting on board too. So it all comes down to that final game of the season. The major hurdle that is facing Alabama on the road. Make no mistake, if Auburn can pull out a victory there, they should be in the big game. Other than that it's not the toughest of run ins, though travelling to Ole Miss could cause a few heart flutters amongst fans. Mississippi's been wildly inconsistent this season so Auburn need to make sure they're on their game or it could be a 4th straight loss for the #1 team in the nation.

2. Oregon Ducks

Oregon have battered all that's been put in front of them this season and if they continue to do so it's tough not to see them in the Championship game. With that said, they don't have any truly big names left to get through this season, but have a few games that could trap them. Arizona come in late in the year and they're travelling to USC this week. It's possible Arizona could be Top 10 ranked by the end of November, especially if they can knock off Stanford in between, so that could offer The Ducks a bit of a boost in the computer, but if both Oregon and Auburn win out it's tough to see Oregon ending up the #1 ranked team prior to the Championship game. Which isn't necessarily that important anyway. What they have left on their schedule should be enough to keep them in the Top 2 if they win out.

3. Boise State Broncos

Sorry Broncos fans but you guys don't have your fate in your own hands. But then I can argue you never did either. Unless one, or both, of Auburn and Oregon slip up Boise State will be outside looking in, again. With the schedule they face they can really have no complaints either. To make matters worse they may even have to hope TCU don't win out. There will also be a fair few Broncos praying Nevada can win a few more games and crack the Top 25 by the time they face the Broncos. Virginia Tech's re-ascension to the rankings can only help them with the computer rankings but I'm not sure that will carry much sway with the pollsters, who arguably, already have Boise ranked a place or 2 high. But, if Nevada can climb into the rankings and one of Oregon and Auburn slip up, and V Tech and Oregon State go well the rest of the year, well #2 and a National Championship Game might finally give The Broncos a chance to show what they can do against one of the bigger boys.

4. TCU Horned Frogs

Despite their mid major status, TCU actually have a tougher schedule than a lot of the Big conference teams. And this is exemplified by a late season match up with Utah. Win that one, and the rest of their games, and TCU could end up being the team that benefits from an Oregon/Auburn slip up rather than Boise State. It's certainly not impossible. It's not impossible either than TCU v Boise could end up the National Championship game. All TCU can do is win out and hope.

5. Michigan State Spartans

By now the chances of making the National Championship Game are looking pretty tenuous. Which is hard to swallow when you're unbeaten like The Spartans are. But with suddenly sliding Iowa being your last game against a ranked opponent it looks pretty bleak. Minnesota, Purdue and Penn State finish off the year for the Spartans and they aren't likely to make the computers love you much more than they already do, so you're relying on a lot of things going your way. Probably too much, but hey if The Spartans are one of 2 unbeaten teams when all is said and done they could be in. 

6. Missouri Tigers

In a great unbeaten run it may have gone unnoticed by many that Missouri have only played 1 game on the road (at Texas A&M) and face 4 more road games out of 5. This week at Nebraska I'd almost expect the Tigers to lose their first game and drop out of any reckoning for the National Title. But we'll see soon enough. Whilst none of their other coming opponents are ranked, all of them are capable, if inconsistent. So there could still be some good computer points on offer there, or a fall waiting to happen. Ultimately it's going to take a laundry list of things to go their way for the Tigers to have a chance.

7. Alabama Crimson Tide

Well this is our only 1 loss team we're going to talk about. And why? Well because they're still one of the best teams in college football, despite the loss. And perhaps more to the point, they play #1 Auburn late in the season. A win for Bama could propel them way back up if other teams slip. Take a look at that schedule. They've already played 4 teams who were ranked at the time they met and could meet another 3 before the season's out, including an LSU team who's only loss is (somehow) to the #1 team in the nation. This is a team who has plenty of climbing left to do down the stretch. If Oregon and Auburn end up 1 loss teams as well it wouldn't surprise me to see Bama bounce back ahead of an unbeaten Boise State and into a possible National Championship Game against an unbeaten TCU. We are talking looooong shot here though.

8. Utah Utes

It's only fair to include them as they're unbeaten this year, and also as mentioned earlier, they have a chance to unseat TCU and gain some big time votes/points in the process. They also have to face Air Force and San Diego State. Two teams who are tough opponents but neither of whom is ranked. So plenty of scope for slip ups there. I can't begin to count the number of things that have to go wrong for other teams for Utah to make it into the top 2. And to be honest, if Auburn lose to Alabama I see no way Utah could finish ahead of Bama anyway. Too big a hill to climb but win out and cross every appendage you have.

Last Edited: 10/27/2010

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