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The Heisman race gets clearer and the National Championship picture gets more fuzzy

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/24/2010

Heisman Hopefuls

  1. Cam Newton QB Auburn - Just like Tutti Fruitti at Baskin-Robbins, Newton is the flavor of the month.  And deservedly so, he’s gotten better and better every week.  Honestly, barring something crazy, he's the clubhouse leader from here on out.
  2. Kellen Moore QB Boise State - Still my pick to win it, because I think somewhere along the way, Newton loses and the Broncos are in the teeth of that JUCO conference schedule so they are cruising.
  3. LaMichael James RB Oregon - Boy missing that game really hurt him.  Not really.  He’s been reaping the rewards of that high powered spread offense that Oregon is running.  But beware because it’ll only take one bad game to dump you.  Such is the life of a running back.
  4. Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri - After a big home win over Oklahoma, you have to take notice at what Gabbert has done for this team.  If the Tigers can get by Nebraska next week, you’ll hear Gabbert’s name by more writers than just me.
  5. Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State - This spot is always my wildcard and would normally be for a defensive player but even Patrick Peterson can’t hold onto this spot.  Blackmon is only a Sophomore, but he reminds me a lot of Michael Crabtree and that’s a very good thing.

My Top Ten Teams in the Nation according to one guy.

  1. Oregon - The most explosive offense in all of college football, but I have to wonder if their defense can hold up.
  2. Auburn - Just keep winning.  The next month will make or break their season.  It’s all about Cam.
  3. Boise State - My preseason National Champion, but they are going to need some help in the form of losses by several teams to stay in the hunt.
  4. TCU - I was a hater, I admit it.  I didn’t think they could recover from their losses on defense but they have reloaded and look better than last year.
  5. Michigan State - Really?  Yeah, really.  Not a flashy or showy team, but very much a typical Big Ten squad who is physical and fundamentally sound.
  6. Alabama - Probably should be higher but I get lots of flame when I put a one loss team ahead of an undefeated one in the same conference.  They lost a classic trap game.  Ask Ohio State how that works.
  7. Missouri - Huge win over Oklahoma gives this team some serious BCS credibility.   The play of their defense is what has really surprised but QB Blaine Gabbert is the engine that drives this car.
  8. Utah - At this point, I figure no team down here is playing for any national titles so whatev.  Utah is a nice team, and they are undefeated, but this isn’t the BCS busting unit of seasons past. 
  9. Oklahoma - Yes, they lost.  It was a close road loss, and in a game with a ton of questionable calls.  They are still one of the ten best teams in the country.  If you don’t agree start your own site and make your own poll.
  10. Ohio State - Could have been LSU or even Wisconsin here.  All 3 are teams with one loss but still looking very good.  The Buckeyes get the nod from me, because they have the best QB of the group.  

Last Edited: 10/23/2010

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