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College football Game of the Week(and some other crap)-Week 8 Edition

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/23/2010


Game of the Week

I know you all thought I’d go with the No. 1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners traveling to Columbia to play the No. 11 Missouri Tigers.  Well forget it.  With my Jeckyl/Hyde tendencies on picking games, there’s no way I am touching this game with a ten foot poll.  I’ll just say there are some really dynamic playmakers that are going to be on that field, and I would love to be in Colombia today for all the excitement.  Boomer Sooner!

My real game of the week is the next obvious choice.  No. 5 at No.4 with the LSU tigers traveling to Auburn to take on the uhm, Tigers.  I guess picking the Tigers would be too easy right?  If you aren’t a fan of either team, still take some time out to watch Auburn QB Cam Newton.  You see him maturing and growing with this offense every week.  As much talent LSU has on defense I’m not sure they have the players to matchup with what Newton can do.  Newton has a real shot to set the single season rushing record for a QB in the SEC today.  It’s October.  And this is a conference that had Tim Tebow.  Remarkable.

How can Auburn win?  Keep doing what they do.  Throw the offense on the back of Newton and let him decide when to use his arm and when to use his legs.  That is the area of his game I am seeing improve the most.  Smart decisions with the football.  On defense Auburn has to be aware of the dual QB system LSU is using and account for the different style of player in the game.  I am excited to see of Terrance Tolliver is going to give free rides to the Auburn defensive backs. 

How can LSU win?  Run the football.  It’s what they have done best all year and they must continue.  Their offensive line is improving and Junior Stevan Ridley is a head knocker of a back.  Grind it out, scoring drives and keep Cam Newton off the field.  But when Newton is on the field, the LSU secondary including all everything CB/KR Patrick Peterson has to lock down the Auburn wide outs, to allow the front 7 to maintain on Newton.  If they have to drop too many players into coverage, it will give Newton lanes to run and players with their backs turned and that will be disaster for the Tigers.

Who’ve I got?  Does it really matter?  I’m around 50/50 on the year, and part of that is from making sort of out there picks at times.  This time I am going to just go with the best players win and LSU doesn’t have a player like Cam Newton on their team.  Now having said that, if Les Miles is working some sort of voodoo magic even as we speak, things might turn out different, but for now I am counting on Auburn taking advantage of the home crowd and beating LSU at home.

Some other crap.

Can’t wait to see the matchup between Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara and Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon.  Two of the best in the country at their respective positions, and  OSU has to have a big game out of Blackmon if they hope to pull off the upset and stay undefeated.  Oh, and on the same game Cowboys RB Kendall Hunter has been great, and how the Cornhusker dline handles that will be huge as well.  But look for a big comeback by Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez against a less athletic Oklahoma State defense.

The game I should want to watch but don’t

(13)Wisconsin at (15)Iowa.  Conference matchup of two highly ranked teams with BCS implications.  What I just have a feeling it’s going to be as dull as an NFL game.  I’m calling for Iowa to upset the Badgers mainly on hangover effect for Wisconsin, but I am just not sure if this game is going to be very flashy.

Game I hope is an upset

 Air Force/TCU-I know TCU is the better team.  But there’s just something about trying to prepare for that triple option offense, so for the day I’ll be a huge Air Force fan for no other reason than I love to watch that offense cruise. 

Player(s) to watch this week

Oklahoma running back Roy Finch-Demarco Murray gets all the pub, but now that Finch is healthy, he gives them another dynamic playmaker who Bob Stoops is going to work into that offense.  Expect big things.

Nebraska CB Alfonso Dennard-Unsung playing across from Amukamara, but a great player in his own right and I suspect that the Cowboys are going to try and get him covering Blackmon whenever they can, so this matchup will be huge.

Last Edited: 10/23/2010

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