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Week 2 Snap Judgment-College edition

Written by Curt Popejoy on 09/12/2010

First off, let me answer all the questions that have been asked of me right now.  No, I don't bet on football.  I have never and would never.  And moreso, I'd never tell anyone to bet on football based on my predictions.  I don't bet on anything.  I don't play the lottery, none of that crap.  I have always said if I had to bet football to feed my family, they would starve to death.  So, please don't complain if you take my preview and bet on games and lose.  Besides, I don't trust guys who sell you their picks.  If they were really that damn smart, they'd be billionaires from just betting the games themselves.  But now I've had time to go through and watch all the top games, and digest some of what I saw.  Here's this week's snap judgements.

Alabama is really good.  Like better than last year, even minus Mark Ingram and Marcel Dareus kind of good.  Their QB play is improved, and even with the losses on defense to the draft, you don't see a dropoff in production.  I can't imagine how good that run offense will be when the reigning Heisman trophy winner returns.

My Oklahoma Sooners are good again.  At least for the week.  Like Landry Jones said after the game, that was the defense he saw all through practices, not the team that looked so bad against Utah State.  No doubt they have some exciting young playmakers on defense.  But the story is Landry Jones. He had a monster game, and Ryan Broyles is shaping up to be the top Wide out in the country.  They were able to let running back DeMarco Murray have a break from the touches and he still scored twice.

Michigan fans: Denard Robinson has my respect.  Another fabulous performance against a good Notre Dame defense.  That game in total was pretty damn epic, and really could have gone either way.  I will have a first of the year Heisman ballot up this week, and while I don't have Robinson at no.1, he's in the top 3.  I am a little shocked the pollsters didn't vault the Wolverines in the latest poll, but they will have plenty of time for that.   Lots of signature wins for them if Mr. Robinson can keep doing what he's doing.  But all in all, this game was an instant classic.  Have to wonder what happens if Crist doesn't get hurt.

How bad does Virginia Tech taking the short bus to losertown against James Madison make Boise State look?  It's not good.  Boise State is lucky to already be sitting at 3 in both polls, because their signature win is not looking too snazzy.  Boise was my preseason pick for National Championship and I see a scenario now where they don't finish the season undefeated.  The real question is, if they do, and there is a one loss Ohio State in the mix, does Boise get the nod?  Look for a full blog on this later in the week.

I can't decide if Oregon is an elite team or not.  I mean they blew it open on Tennessee and won big, but if you watched the whole game, you saw a team in the beginning that really struggled.  Considering the conference they are in, a BCS bowl is a real possibility.  Obviously getting LaMichael James back at RB helps their case in a huge way down the stretch.  Just that something about them doesn't seem right.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, right?  Wow.  I am not sure any team make the 2 week turnaround that the University of Kansas Jayhawks did.  And good for them.  After watching that game I have serious issues about just how many, if any, of the teams in the ACC are any good.  Because I'm pretty sure KU isn't great by any means.  But regardless congrats to the Jayhawks on a signature win, and it'll help wash the taste of last weeks loss out of their mouths.  Note to Jayhawk QB Jordan Webb.  This team is yours now son.

You really can't replace Tim Tebow.  At least not this year.  I don't think anyone thought University of Florida Gator quarterback John Brantley was going to walk on water this season and the Gators are undefeated.  But what Gator fans have grown accustomed to and what they are seeing are very different.  They did get a treat in watching running back Jeff Demps really showcase his tremendous athleticism.  And they have some remarkable athletes in their defensive secondary too. 

University of South Carolina Freshman running back Marcus Lattimore had a great game.  I'm not buying into all this hype about him year, but no doubt he's a workhorse and Spurrier has a nice young player.  Just keep in mind he's a true freshman playing a position that takes a tremendous beating.  I hope they consider that in the long term. 

Meanwhile, Kansas State running back Daniel Thomas keeps chugging along.  If you haven't seen him play yet, you are missing out.  He's got NFL star written all over him.

Quick comment on the polls.  I have always said that they should wait to announce the first polls of the season for a month every year.  Not because I think it would force top teams to schedule better, because they won't.  But it would at least give us a clearer picture of who's good and who isn't.  This year, beyond the top ten, there isn't a team that wows me even in the least.

How big of an idiot ia A.J. Green?  I'm not going to rail on this too long, because it just agitates me, but this selfish idiot knowingly violated an NCAA rule and his team is suffering for it in a big way.  And to all you player apologists crying and whining about the evil NCAA, shut up.  This kids aren't naive children.  They aren't stupid.  They are greedy, selfish, petulant young men, who have been led to believe that they are bulletproof.  The rest of the Bulldog team should go socks and bars of soap on Green in his sleep.

Last Edited: 09/12/2010

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