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Senior Bowl Report: Wednesday's South Practice

Written by John Clifford on 01/21/2009

The South had a 5-wide set for their QBs early in Wednesday afternoon's practice and Clemson QB kicked things off with a completion to LSU LB-turned-FB-and for the Senior Bowl practices turned TE Quinn Johnson. West Virginia QB Pat White followed with a pass that Southern Miss TE drops, hitting his fingertips. Pat White then gets his turn to connect with Quinn Johnson. Johnson had to have helped himself this week by virtue of demonstrating good athleticism along with a versatile skill set.

Pat White and Alabama QB John Parker Wilson threw to Arizona WR Mike Thomas, Texas WR Quan Cosby, USC WR Patrick Turner, Ole Miss WR Mike Wallace, South Carolina WR Kenny McKinley and Florida State WR Greg Carr, who ran curl routes. The QBs were solid with getting the ball on time and on target, but hardly spectacular with release and velocity. With that in mind, the WRs were solid, but the sample didn't allow for spectacular.

On the slant routes, White had his best pass and catch of the week, rifling the ball perfectly to McKinley's hands just out front. The next route by Carr saw a completed pass by White, but the ball was too low for anything but Carr to scoop it into his body, slowing him down.

On double moves, deep to the left corner, WRs saw 3 horrible throws in a row - all short and inside, precisely where you don't want to miss. Cosby struggles with his route, but doubtful it matters given the passes thrown. There's no NFL package among the South QBs here, even if there might be an NFL arm hanging from someone's shoulder. The routes move to the right corner and the drill doesn't last long, there's no timing, nothing on target over 25 yards.

Running post routes, Parker Wilson left the ball badly behind Turner. White was slow in his release and hung up McKinley. I just watch a college completion. Clemson QB Cullen Harper joins in, thankfully, and throws a football pass, hooking up with Ole Miss WR Mike Wallace. White followed with an improved effort to Cosby, hitting him in stride. Harper connected with McKinley on a go route. Parker Wilson raised his play as well, throwing a better looking ball, perfectly timed to target Mike Wallace. Arizona WR Mike Thomas made an excellent one-handed catch, recovering from his cut on a deep out move. Cosby looked like a pro WR running a perfect route, snatching the ball out of the air with his hands out in front of his body in full stride with no loss of speed.

The Jaguars staff has the OL working in center to right or left tackle groups; as they have for a significant period of time this week, which hasn't been the standard here in Mobile. It's an interesting and different perspective, despite not being able to so acutely attribute the results or quantify the assessment of a particular player as when two of them face off.

In WRs facing DBs in 1-on-1s, Turner beat Jackson State DB Domonique Johnson but had to wait on the throw from Pat White. Parker Wilson had Wallace, but his pass flew right through his fingers. The overall execution is less impressive. Wake Forest DB Chip Vaughn makes a nice play to close in and break up a Parker Wilson deep ball. White misses Carr high on a terribly in accurate throw on a short crossing route. USC WR Patrick Turner on the same play has a terrible drop with the ball hitting him right in the hands.

Wake Forest CB Alphonso Smith makes an excellent play to close on the receiver and break up the pass, but turns it into a tremendous play to have the awareness of where the ball is upon deflecting it, grabbing it out of the air for an INT and drawing notable attention and reaction from the crowd.

White shows great placement to the outside on his throw to Cosby, so only Cosby could run to it. White's made some NFL-caliber throws, the level of inconsistency however, has been another story.

San Jose State CB Coye Francies appears to have the best jam and can play press coverage as well or better than anyone on the South, on this play the result is maintaining great coverage on Arizona WR Mike Thomas and breaking up the pass from Clemson QB Cullen Harper. Harper comes back to hit Cosby on time, but had Alphonso Smith merely turned around, at the very least it's not a completion. On the next throw, Carr makes a play over the defender because of the perfect placement on the pass. Pass to Turner is thrown behind him, followed by a ball thrown short on an out to the sideline intended for McKinley.

Tennessee OL Anthony Parker is being attended to for an ankle sprain that will require a cart.

The QBs got to work with the OL and DL out of the picture. Harper begins his series by checking down to Clemson RB James Davis, followed by outs to Wallace and McKinley. Harper made fairly accurate throws, but with none in a position to gain yards after the catch, questionable velocity.

Parker Wilson's throw on an out to the right side lacked significant velocity, but the next throw was much better, hitting McKinley on a curl with good placement and timing, allowing for yards after the catch. A nice throw splits defenders to hit FSU WR Greg Carr on a deep slant.

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