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Snap Judgement USC/Cal

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/04/2009

The Trojans looked to come out and make a statement, and boy did they.  I said in my preview the unfortunate loss of Stafon Johnson meant more Joe McKnight and that was the undoing of the Cal Bears. He was the best back on the field today for sure, even with Jahvid Best in the building.

Matt Barkley didn’t have a great game. No touchdown passes, and didn’t look really sharp.  But anytime you are in a game with Kevin Riley, odds are you will still be the best QB in the game.  This kid is so shaky.  He hasn’t played well in quite a while, and I see no end in sight.

Oh, and let’s give a ton of credit for the performance of the Trojans D to the return of Taylor Mays.  He looked great out there, and you can just see when he’s on the field the whole defense plays better.

Where does Cal go from here?  Far from the polls that’s for sure.  Hopefully never to be seen again.  Riley will do his best to be sure of that, and at the same time keep Jahvid Best off anyone’s lips in discussing the Heisman.

Where does USC go from here?  They should move up in the Polls and remain on course to win the PAC-10, assuming they don’t choke against another mediocre conference opponent.

Last Edited: 03/04/2010

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