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Quick first round mock draft-Pre-Senior Bowl Edition

Written by Curt Popejoy on 01/18/2010

I had planned to wait until after the Senior Bowl to put out another mock draft, but I had so many asking for another, I thought I'd just toss out a quick one here. I have to say, I've rarely seen any player from the Senior Bowl wow me to a point where they made a huge jump, but I suppose anything is possible.

1. St. Louis Rams - Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
No changes for me here. Seems St. Louis fans are split on Suh or a QB here. I expect there to be takers for this pick, and the Rams move down and still take a QB, while stockpiling some picks.

2. Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
If he's on the board, this pick is a lock. Detroit may need some spots worse than DT, but Suh is too good to pass up with their QB already in place.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
If Tampa can't jump ahead of Detroit to get Suh, McCoy is a nice consolation prize. He'll remind old school fans of Warren Sapp and bring a playmaker to the defense.

4. Washington Redskins - Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
Word is Bradford's shoulder is almost completely healed so assuming he works out well the Skins will have a hard time passing on him.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry S Tennessee
Could go with Russell Okung here but Berry would be much more impactful. He's the kind of player who can improve an entire defense. Don't be shocked if Scott Pioli deals this pick and stockpiles picks either because that was the Patriots style every year.

6. Seattle Seahawks - Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
You have to think Pete Carroll is going to make a move for a quarterback he can groom this year, so getting the guy who'll protect his blind side is a top priority.

7. Cleveland Browns - Joe Haden CB Florida
The Browns are another team I fully expect to try and go up and get a quarterback. If they can't, then Haden is a great pick, because he's the best player on the board. He can close off a player and let the front 7 bring more pressure without worrying about giving him help.

8. Oakland Raiders - Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida
Al Davis loves his workout warriors, and JPP looks to be one of 3 or 4 great ones this offseason. Don't get me wrong, I don't consider JPP to be the next Vernon Gholston at all, because he's a very good football player. If Davis passes on JPP, I would think Taylor Mays makes the most sense.

9. Buffalo Bills - Rolando McClain LB Alabama
This is assuming the Bills can find someone to take their head coaching position and they don't have to let the players run the team. McClain is a frightening player and would add a level of aggression and intensity to a defense that has been pretty soft.

10. Denver Broncos (from Chicago) - Carlos Dunlap DE Florida
I realize this pick is probably too early for Dunlap, but I also expect Denver to try and move down and still take Dunlap. He's the best 3-4 DE prospect in this draft and even if Brandon Marshall is dealt DE is their top need. I suppose I could plug Dez Bryant in here, but I think Denver will find a wide out later on in a deep class.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars - Tim Tebow QB Florida
I hate myself for even typing the name, but what the Heck. Do I honestly think Jack Del Rio wants Tim Tebow? No way. Do I think he may be pressured into taking him here? Yes.

12. Miami Dolphins - Dan Williams DT Tennessee
Miami would love if McClain fell to them, but getting Williams to play NT in that 3-4 would be a nice backup plan. I reckon a wide out wouldn't be out of the question here, or even a running back but I like Parcells to shore up that front 7.

13. San Francisco 49ers - Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
The Niners are going to have to get back to running the football if they continue to operate with substandard quarterbacks, and Davis is the best run blocking tackle in the draft.

14. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) - C.J. Spiller RB Clemson
Pete Carroll has to see some Reggie Bush in Spiller and would be excited about all the ways he could incorporate him into the offense and special teams.

15. New York Giants - Brian Price DT UCLA
The Giants defense got beat around pretty good this season and part of that was from a lack of talent along that defensive interior. Price is cashing in on a huge junior season and the Giants are counting on him being able to maintain that type of production in the NFL.

16. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina) - Taylor Mays S USC
I am not as high on Mays as most, but I can see his measurables getting him drafted at least this high. If there's a coach in the league who can maximize Mays strengths, it'll be Singletary.

17. Tennessee Titans - Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
The Titans could stand to upgrade at a couple of spots on defense with defensive end being one of them. Could go with a defensive tackle or cornerback here as well, but Morgan is the best 4-3 end in the draft to most, so he's a really nice value here as well.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Earl Thomas S Texas
The Steelers secondary was really exposed this season especially when Troy Polamalu was injured. Thomas is the perfect complement to him in the defensive secondary and could even play CB in nickel and dime sets.

19. Atlanta Falcons - Donovan Warren CB Michigan
The Falcons really have two big spots of need one of which is cornerback and the other is defensive end. I could have gone either way with this pick. I like Warren over any DE who's available at this spot, so I go Warren here and pick up a pass rusher in the second.

20. Houston Texans - Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State
Andre Johnson has been looking for a player to pair up with since he came to Houston and now he finally gets it. Bryant is a great player in his own regard and will really help the Texans passing offense.

21.Cincinnati Bengals-Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma-With the tragic loss of Chris Henry, the Bengals were left minus a serious weapon in their passing game.  Gresham is a dominant receiver, but is also a great run blocker which plays right to the Bengals run heavy philosophy.

22. New England Patriots - Terrence Cody DT Alabama
The Patriots have their pick of several players at this point. They could get a rush OLB, A TE or even a big RB to help bolster the offense. But I just have a feeling Vince Wilfork is going to be gone so getting his replacement may be a top priority.

23. Green Bay Packers - Bruce Campbell OT Maryland
I know after watching the Packers defense get torched, a cornerback is a top need. But Campbell is too good a value to pass up. He's probably going to be drafted higher than this in April, but his injury concerns are legit and could push him down some.

24. Philadelphia Eagles - Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa
Again a team with multiple needs but drafting for value with Bulaga. Tackle is certainly a need and compared to other players on the board, a BPA pick for sure.

25. Baltimore Ravens - Damian Williams WR USC
The Ravens defense is scary good, and their running game is rock solid, but they need another weapon in the passing game for Joe Flacco. Williams is an amazing route runner and would be an instant upgrade at the position.

26. Arizona Cardinals - Patrick Robinson CB Florida State
The Cardinals secondary was exposed bigtime in the playoffs. Robinson has really impressed me more and more this season and is a solid pick at this point in the first round.

27. Dallas Cowboys - Charles Brown OT USC
It's time for the Cowboys to make some changes on the offensive line and that means Flozell Adams has to go. Brown is really athletic and has tons of potential. The Cowboys could use another wide out or an upgrade at NT, but the value isn't there for those picks.

28. San Diego Chargers - Trent Williams OT Oklahoma
The Chargers may lose their start LT to free agency and even if they don't, Williams is a better option at RT than Jeromy Clary. Top need for SD is probably a NT but there's no one worth this pick.

29. New York Jets - Golden Tate WR Notre Dame
The Jets thought they found their answer with Braylon Edwards but the guy plays with boxing gloves on. Tate would be Mark Sanchez's best friend and would add instant offense and explosion on special teams.

30. Minnesota Vikings - Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri
The rich get richer as the Vikings defense upgrades it's one position of weakness on that side of the ball. If there was a quarterback they could get to groom behind Favre they could look there or even an interior dlineman to play behind the Williams Boys.

31. New Orleans Saints - Jonathan Dwyer, RB Georgia Tech
First shocker of the round. Pierre Thomas is a FA and could be gone. If he is, and a guy like Pete Carroll comes calling for Reggie Bush the Saints could be in desperate need of a running game. I put Dwyer ahead of Jahvid Best only because we just don't know if Best can ever be 100% again. If he checks out healthy before the draft, I'd put him here in a second. If they retain Thomas, I expect an OLB here or perhaps a guard.

32. Indianapolis Colts - Everson Griffen DE USC
Logic says upgrade the interior of the defensive line, but the fact is, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis can't play forever and both have dealt with injuries so their replacement is a must. Not to mention Griffen affords them great versatility and allows them to rest some as part of a rotation.

Last Edited: 01/18/2010

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