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Jack Corcoran Interview

Written by Curt Popejoy on 01/12/2010

Rutgers FB Jack Corcoran is busy preparing for the NFL scouting combine, his campus workouts and the upcoming NFL draft, but he was nice enough to take a few minutes and answer a few of our questions.

Curt: What are your accurate measurements (height, weight & 40 time)?
Jack: 6'0 233 right now but I'd like to put on a few more pounds of good weight. My 40 time is 4.58 but we will see when that time comes.

Curt: What was your career like at Rutgers compared to what you expected?
Jack: It was a roller coaster ride but it was definately a positive experience. It took a while to get settled in because I was not used to blocking as much as I did. I thought I would be more involved in the offense catching passes and getting carries but the coaches had other plans. I like to think of myself as a team player so I did whatever the coaches asked. I had a good career at Rutgers where I learned a lot.

Curt: In today's NFL the lead blocking fullback is becoming more and more rare. What do you think are your strengths outside of being a lead blocker?
Jack: I think that my strengths are my hands and my feet. I feel that catching the ball along with my quickness and my ability to stick my foot in the ground will suprise people.

Curt: If you've never played fullback it's hard to describe but what is the mindset of a fullback?
Jack: My mindset is old school. From the time I started playing football, I was taught never to back down and that always stuck with me.

Curt: What things do you hope to improve on?
Jack: I hope to improve on a lot of things; strength, quickness, size. I'm not really focused on one thing but I just want to get better than I was the day before so I can perform my best.

Curt: If you were to recall your best football moment to this point, what would it be?
Jack: It would have to be last year's bowl game vs NC State. We finished our season with seven straight wins and I played well that game.

Curt: You were a two-sport star in high school with wrestling and football. How has wrestling helped you with football?
Jack: There is a lot of carry over between the two sports. First, wrestling was great for toughness, physically and mentally. Wrestling trains you to push your body to new limits, which was great training for football. Also, wrestling teaches great balance. As a fullback, being balanced and having a good base on contact is very important.

Curt: Who was the best player you went up against in college?
Jack: The defensive end from South Florida, Pierre-Paul was his last name. He was extremely athletic.

Curt: Is there a player in the NFL we can look at that compares to your playing style?
Jack: I think Jacob Hester (San Diego Chargers), or Peyton Hillis (Denver Broncos) are both comparable because they are both all around players. They are run blockers, pass protectors, and receiver threats out of the backfield.

Curt: What will your offseason consist of from this point forward?
Jack: I've signed with Rob Roche of RSR Sports Management to represent me and he's getting me ready for the draft process. I'm going down to Atlanta to train at C.E.S. I need to make sure I run well and put up good combine numbers.

Curt: OK, Jack you have the whole NFL reading why should they take a shot on Jack Corcoran?
Jack: I have 100 percent belief in myself. I'll do whatever it takes to make it. I have good morals and I have the type of character that helps win football games. Also, I feel that I have all the physical capabilities needed to be successful in the NFL.


Curt: Jack, everyone here at draftboardinsider.com wishes you all the best and we have a feeling that you are not going to let anything stop you from being a success in the NFL. Good luck and we can't wait to see you play on Sundays!

Last Edited: 01/12/2010

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