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Mike Caussin Interview

Written by Curt Popejoy on 01/12/2010

James Madison University TE Mike Caussin is currently very busy preparing for his offseason workouts and the upcoming NFL draft, but he was nice enough to give us a few minutes to answer some questions.

Curt: What are your accurate measurements (height, weight & 40 time)?
Mike: 6'5 3/4, 250lbs, 4.53

Curt: You have been a real productive player in college, what areas of your game transfer best to the NFL?
Mike: My athletic ability, size, speed and receiving talent.

Curt: What things do you hope to improve on?
Mike: Every aspect of my game. I want to be the best at what I do.

Curt: Do you feel like if you were able to put on some weight you'd be better suited to deal with run blocking in the NFL?
Mike: Yes, It would definitely help to have about 5 or 10 more pounds of muscle to improve my blocking and my game as a whole.

Curt: When you line up and know you are getting man coverage from a linebacker what goes through your mind?
Mike: Touchdown!

Curt: If you were to recall your best football moment to this point, what would it be?
Mike: Winning the conference my junior season.

Curt: Who was the best player you went up against in college?
Mike: Lawrence Sidbury Jr. Played for University of Richmond, now plays for the Atlanta Falcons.

Curt: Is there a player in the NFL we can look at that compares to your playing style?
Mike: Kellen Winslow or Jason Witten.

Curt: OK, Mike you have the whole NFL reading why should they take a shot on Mike Caussin?
Mike: I am underrated, I have yet to come close to my potential as a football player and I won't stop working til I am the best at what I do, which is playing the game with attitude, physicality, focus and passion. I have a chip on my shoulder and that is a dangerous thing to have because I won't ever stop, so teams need to realize that.

Curt: Mike, thanks again for talking to us, and we wish you all the best in the NFL. You certainly look the part of a pass catching NFL TE so I hope you get that chance and all of us here at draftboardinsider.com wish you the best of luck!

Last Edited: 01/12/2010

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