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Week 12 in college football-Snap Judgement

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/23/2009

I was really hoping as I sat down to type this, that something over the weekend would have really sparked my interest and given me that topic to write about this week for my snap judgment.  A game or a performance so epic I had to expound on it.  And well, something kinda did.

 The story of the week in college football had nothing to do with one of Saturday's games.  It has to do with a coach.  A coach that's in some hot water.  That's right, I'm talking about KU head football coach, Mark "big sammich" Mangino.  Now, before I go on, don't read this thinking I am going to re-tell the story of what has happened at this point.  You all have read it.  I originally broke this story based on some info I got on Twitter the middle of last week.  And I was going to write about it then, but I decided to wait.  I wanted to see how things played out these past few days.  And now that has happened, and it looks like so far we've seen a whole bunch of nothing.  KU last a 6th straight game, the team's season reminds me of the Titanic, and of course there is discord.  

But as far as the "story" what exactly are we doing?  I'm sure most of the people reading this have played football on some level.  I played from the time I was 5 years old, until one year out of high school.  I had some nasty coaches.  Mean old guys, who smelled like Icy Hot and cigarette smoke, and seemed to know more obscenities than verbs.  And they were rough.  They'd drag you around by the facemask to put you in position, or to remind you that you were out of position.   They'd scream and curse and degrade you, basically at every turn if the situation warranted it.  And they'd push.  Not just physically but across the board.  They'd push you, and you hated every second of it.  My old high school coach, Bill Harman, was one of the meanest, most over the top guys I ever met, and I wished him dead more than I wished him good morning.  And looking back, I owe him so very much for making me the man I am.  I never once, and my parents never once thought about turning him in, and I never once thought that what he was doing was anything but trying to make me a better football player.

But things are different now.  College football players(and high school and the NFL) are more like petulant children than football players, and feel they must be pampered rather than pushed.  That they want their coaches to treat them more like Princess than a football player.  The whole situation makes me sick.  At some point, we lost our way.  Football players stopped being football players and became campus celebrities.  They are put on this pedestal from the time they are young, and God forbid some coach try  and bring them back to Earth.

I hate the idea that this whole incident may cost Mangino his job.  He's done so much for the KU football program, I hope they don't throw him under the bus for this.  The word I'm getting is, once the KU/Mizzou game is done, so is Mangino unless something big changes.  If KU thinks any college coaches are going to be beating down their door for that job, they are out of their minds.  For even the best mid-level coaches, it would be at best a lateral move.  I still contend if KU is winning right now, none of this comes up.  That cures all ills.  But instead his team has let him down, and now they will probably cost him his job.  It's a shame

Ok, enough of my rant, on to the football games.  Like I said, nothing huge to report, but here's a few things that stuck out to me.

Oklahoma is in huge trouble next year.  Landry Jones has regressed, and the offensive line is getting no better.  If the Notre Dame job opens up, Stoops may want to abandon ship.

Cal beating Stanford was hard to watch.  Looked to me like the Stanford players had been reading too many of their own press clippings and came out flat.  Harbaugh didn't have his team ready to play, and it bit them in the but.  No Rose Bowl for you.

The CJ Spiller love-a-thon has got to stop.  I watched the game, and it was all the announcers could do to find something positive to say about him, and it was so forced.  Not sure why he's everyone's poster boy for the award, but it's giving me a headache.

 Arkansas has quietly put together a nice season and it's all about Ryan Mallett.  Ryan, run to the money!

Nebraska won the Big 12 North.  Their prize?  To take a beatdown at the hands of the Texas Longhorns.

The SEC title game hype is in full swing already.  I predict 'Bama by 14.

There are going to be a half dozen really good coaching jobs open this year, and it could be headlined by Notre Dame.  Too much talent on that team not to win.  TCU, I'm sorry but I just have a feeling Coach Patterson is going to bolt.

One final rant.  Les Miles, you should be fired.  What you did at the end of your game against Ole Miss was as bad a coaching job as I've seen in my life.  It looked like you thought your team had not shot to get into field goal range, so you weren't prepared.  So instead you try and spike it, with one second to go.  You sir, are an idiot.  At least if you aren't bright enough to get your field goal team ready, have your quarterback run a play with a second to go.  this isn't an NBA shot clock, with tenths of seconds on it, you dope. 

Last Edited: 11/23/2009

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