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Latest Heisman ramblings

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/19/2009


Newest of the new Heisman ballot.

I have to pat myself on the back for something. Every week I read these Heisman polls and Heisman "experts" and every week they shuffle their ballot up for whatever happened the week before and just climb on whatever bandwagon is the newest thing. I have not done this, and I will not do this. I've been consistent on my picks and how I feel about the popular picks. This week, I will continue my Broken Record Tour and make my case for the guys I think epitomize "most outstanding" player in the coutry.

The 3 I send to New York

Mark Ingram, RB Alabama-Another great game from Ingram, but more importantly another example of why he's the most outstanding player in the country. Their QB position is still very inconsistent, and while their defense is great, you have to look at it both ways. The defense helps Ingram, but Ingram helps the D as well. Ingram is still my pick to win it, and has been for weeks while other writers have gone from Tim Tebow to Jeremiah Masoli, to Case Keenum, to whoever it is this week.

Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska-I really don't care that Suh has zero chance to win it. It's not about being accurate for me. It's about giving the proper credit and for Suh, there is no player, and really no defensive player, who is accounted for more than Suh. Anyone who wants to argue his talent, give me a list of all the bigtime NFL talent playing around him on defense. As much attention Ingram gets by oppsing defensive staffs, Suh gets just as much by opposing offensive staff.

Toby Gerhart, RB Stanford-This third spot has been my revolving door, and for now Gerhart has earned his spot. That performance against USC was epic. He's not flashy, and considering I have Ingram on the list, not the most outstanding running back in the nation, but he's the lunchpail type guy every fan remembers from their past, and you love to cheer for. He's got no hope to win it, because let's be honest, his skill players are good, much better than what Ingram has, but he is a great talent and a great story and I have no problem including him in the mix.

The next group should be called the Usual suspects, because it's the same old names you hear week after week, so I won't pour over them.

Tim Tebow, QB Florida-Almost a lock to be a finalist, right or wrong.

Colt McCoy, QB Texas-Still a media favorite, and I think still the guy the voters will give it to if Texas wins out to make up for last year.

The super sleepers

Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame-Still think he's the best QB in the nation, and super pro prospect. The Fighting Irish lack of victories will keep him from New York, but the kid is awesome.

Ryan Mathews, RB Fresno State-Still a favorite of mine, but he gets zero respect from the national media. And all his critics will point to his game against Nevada where he suffered a concussion as the reason he can't win it.

Kellen Moore, QB Boise State-A quiet ground swell is forming for Moore, who's putting up great numbers on an undefeated Broncos team.

The flavor of the month(who I want no part of)

Who doesn't love ice cream? Not me, that's for sure. It looks tasty for sure, but you eat it, and everyone points and laughs because you get it all over your face, and after it's gone, you are just fat.

Case Keenum, QB Houston-If their loss yesterday didn't sour people on him as a candidate, then the idea that his numbers are simply a product of that offense should. Same reason Tony Pike isn't a candidate. Plug and play quarterbacks don't win awards this important.

Jeremiah Masoli, QB Oregon-You beat USC, everyone is on your jock. Gaff against Stanford, they forget you. Beat Arizona State and the jock riders are back. I'll pass. You aren't even the best player on your own team.

C.J. Spiller, RB Clemson-Not sure why he's getting so much love but whatever. And before I get emails, yeah, I've seen Clemson play plenty this summer. A full season healthy and he's in the mix, but his attention now is unwarranted.

Dion Lewis, RB Pittsburgh-Sorry but if it takes two and a half months for your first mention, then you are too late. besides, you are a freshman and if AD couldn't win as a freshman, than you can't either.

It's good to see that Mark Ingram seems to be the clubhouse leader right now, because he really deserves it. It still wouldn't shock me if the voters threw the award to Tebow or McCoy, but then again, I struggle to see just how qualified many of the voters are. Give me Mark Ingram every time.

Last Edited: 11/19/2009

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