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College Football Preview Week 11

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/14/2009

Just when I thought the season couldn't get any better, I get a gander at this weeks lineup of games.  Last weekend we saw some great upsets and the BCS picture started to shake out a little more.  This weekend a game or two could really clear things up even more.

Also, this late late in the season, I am planning to get deeper into the prospect side of the weekend.  In addition to a 5 pack of big games, I'm going to break down a ton of big prospect opportunities and matchups.

My game of the week is (25) Stanford at (11) USC.  It might not be the greatest impact in terms of the BCS but for money this is the game to watch.  USC, for whatever reason is getting way too much love from the BCS.  I'm sorry but when a team hangs half a hundred on you, then you DO NOT get BCS love!  The idea they still are is absurd to me.  Stanford is playing great football right now, and coming off a big win over Oregon, are riding a ton of momentum.  The blue print for beating USC isn't that different than beating Oregon.  Stanford has a great offensive line and running game and an ultra aggressive defense.  USC has underwhelmed for the majority of the season, and just hasn't gotten going like most people assumed they would.  I am calling for the upset here as Stanford continues their march toward a PAC-10 title.

The game with the greatest BCS implications is (15)Iowa at (10)Ohio State.  Even after Iowa's loss last week, they still have a chance to win the Big Ten, but this game is all that matters.  Ohio State pulled a huge coup by beating Penn State on the road the Saturday before.  If Iowa can get that contract with the Devil re-signed, they could end up beating Ohio State and vaulting right back to the Top of the Big Ten and directly back into the BCS picture.  Ohio State is basically in the same boat but even moreso.  Win and you are in the driver's seat.  Both teams have plenty of questions but overall Ohio State at home has to have the advantage.  I'm picking Ohio State here mainly because they are at home, but also because they showed some serious intensity against Penn State last week and because I think the glass slipper Iowa was wearing is not only lost but broken.

Next up is my trap game of the week as (15)Utah go into Fort Worth to battle the (4)TCU Horned Frogs.  Why is it a trap game?  Because TCU is finally getting the respect that haven't gotten all year, ESPN's Gameday will be in town, and because this game means everything.  A win here will be a huge boost in Strength of Schedule, and with one of the 3 teams ahead of them sure to lose at some point this year, a shot at the Top 2 is looming.  All this sets up for a trap.  But I don't think Coach Patterson and the Horned Frogs take the bait.  One thing  I've seen from this team all year is discipline.  They play hard every play, never taking a snap off and that's a product of a great coach getting his team in the right mindset to play.  This week should be no different.  This is basically their season, with a finish against two cupcakes in Wyoming and New Mexico. Win this, and the pollsters have to take notice.  I'm pick TCU and that explosive offense and always stellar D, matched up with an explosive return game to come out on top in this Mountain West showdown.

Last much watch game of the year is (3)Alabama traveling to Mississippi State.  I know, I know.  This doesn't sound like much on paper but hear me out.  Miss. State is coming off a bye week where they've had time to prepare for what is a very effective albeit one dimensional Alabama offense.  Their chance at a Bowl game means they have to win 2 of their final 3, Alabama has already clinched their side of the SEC bracket, and well I just think a loss by the Crimson Tide would send the BCS in such a tailspin it would make for some great media and talk the next week.  Seriously, with Heisman front-runner Mark Ingram pounding the football Alabama shouldn't struggle, but across the way you have Bulldog running back Anthony Dixon who's not so shabby himself.  This game would make an epic upset and be great for college football but in the final analysis, I suppose that Bama D alone will be too much for the Bulldogs.

A couple of quick hits...

Will the return of LaGarrette Blount be a good thing or bad thing for the Ducks?

I hear Brandon Spikes is going to carry a folding chair onto the field this week to hit opposing players.

Will Kansas Quarterback survive against Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh?

Will Notre Dame get back on the winning way, and try once again to tease us all into thinking they are BCS worth?

Prospects to watch this week.

Jason Fox, OT Miami (FL) - North Carolina likes the run stunts and twists so we should see Fox one on one with Marvin Austin some today.

Jerry Hughes DE TCU versus Zane Beadles, OT Utah-Two very good players at their positions and should see some time matched up against one another today.

Daniel Thomas, RB Kansas State - Thomas is a Junior but probably won't declare but he's the best running back you've never heard of so if you get a shot to see hiim run, don't miss it.

Last Edited: 11/14/2009

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