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NFL Power Poll Week Mid-season edition

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/03/2009

As the numbers of undefeated teams drop, the rankings get more and more muddled. But I’ve never been a slave to trends other than acid wash jeans, so I am going to rank these teams based on their body of work to this point, not just what happened last week. But it does seem clear since my last installment, that some teams are playing really good football, and deserving to be among the NFL elite.

1. Indianapolis Colts - Still the best team in the NFL this year for me. I have a hard time betting against Peyton Manning at this point against any team. The difference between 1 and 2 isn’t huge, but it’s there.

2. New Orleans Saints - The Saints are building quite a body of work. Like Indy I think they can move the ball and score on anyone. Also like Indy, I don’t think they can finish undefeated, but for now, they are both finding ways to win.

3. Minnesota Vikings - Aside from a road loss against a great Steeler team, this group has been pretty unstoppable. Favre is playing great football and Adrian Peterson is a man among boys. Their loss knocks them down, but I am not sure they aren’t still the best team in the NFC.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers - Hottest team in the NFL not undefeated. They’ve found a running game, and Troy Polamalu is healthy. Call me a homer if you want, but after their win against Minnesota, there isn’t a team in the league that wants to play a healthy Steeler team at Heinz Field.

5. New England Patriots - Once again it pains me to put the Pats on this list, but they are back. Their offense is starting to really hum, and a defense that looked like it was going to have a lot of hiccups is improving week after week. They get the Colts and Saints this second half of the year, so they will be tested and they could be giant killers.

6. Denver Broncos - They got manhandled last week against Baltimore, but this team is still super talented and plays with a high level of intensity. From 6-10, the list is a little muddy, but for now, Denver gets a slight edge over the next few teams. How they re-group will tell me a lot about how the rest of their season goes, and just how legit those first 6 wins were.

7. Dallas Cowboys - Dallas has really impressed me this year. I know they started off a little rocky, but every week you see improvement, and every week you see just how much talent is on the roster. The arrival of Miles Austin has been huge for that offense, and the defense is finally starting to generate some pressure.

8. Philadelphia Eagles - DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are the most explosive wide receiver tandem in the NFL. They are deep at the skill positions and led by Donovan McNabb. Their defense seems to be rebounding and playing much better, and if I’m an NFC team, I don’t want to see the Eagles get hot.

9. Cincinnati Bengals - Feels funny putting Cinci here, but they deserve it. Carson Palmer is finally healthy, Cedric Benson is playing like a man possessed, and the defense even minus Antwon Odom is playing way over their skis. They play in the best division in the NFL, so wins are hard to come by but their talent cannot be denied.

10. Baltimore Ravens - I probably could have put two or three other teams here, but after adding what the Ravens did to the Broncos last year, to their full body of work, I had to include them. Their offense doesn’t frighten a lot of teams, but they can run the football, but the defense is stout and should be able to keep them in any game, even if their passing game is a little up and down.

Some huge matchups this week as Baltimore travels to Cinci, Dallas visits Philadelphia, and Denver tries to rebound from last weeks loss by having the Steelers come to town. All three of these games promise to be exciting and certainly shake up everyone’s power rankings.

Last Edited: 11/03/2009

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