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Snap Judgement College Football Week 8

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/25/2009

Even though there were not epic matchups, this was still an impossibly great weekend of college football. So much to talk about, I reckon I'd better get it started.

The Gators got a gift, mainly from the officials in their squeaker against Mississippi State. What a farce. This is twice this year the Florida Gators have won while being helped by grossly questionable calls from inept SEC officials. First Arkansas, now Mississippi State. We get it, you want Florida to be No. 1. God forbid you let them decide it on the field. No way should Florida be No. 1 at this point. When you need the refs to spot you against these two teams, you aren't the best team in the country.

The Iowa Hawkeyes are really serious about this BCS thing. I called for the upset against Michigan State and it almost came through, but Iowa once again found a way to win. Might end up the odd team out at the end.

TCU is good. I mean really good and it's not just on defense. They are going to have a hard time finding bigtime non-conference opponents because they will beat them.

Sam Bradford is shelved for the season and headed to the draft, announced today. If you read my stuff you'd know I made this announcement a week ago. Good luck to ya Sam. Should have gone in the draft last year ya dope.

Georgia Tech is the best team in the ACC. The option, when it's working is impossible to stop.

The Cincinnati Bearcats keep on rollin'. That offense is scary and they have just enough defense to keep them in any game. Another team that could be on the outside looking in come BCS title time.

Jake Locker looked very un-franchise quarterback-like against Oregon. Might want to rethink about declaring for the draft Jake. Oregon on the other hand is on a roll.

Tate Forcier has crumbled. See ya next season kid.

It's a shame in a year that the Sooner defense is so good, they have so many injuries on offense. They are a step faster than every team they've played.

Boise State crushes Hawaii and fall in the polls. If you are going to play in a conference full of soup cans, you better schedule stronger in the non-con. Oregon can't make up for the rest.

New Mexico State did a great job holding Ryan Mathews in check, and they still lost by 31.

Noel Devine is certainly fun to watch. So explosive and just carries that West Virginia team.

But I applaud the effort an emotional Uconn team brought.

Stanford rolls on Arizona State (who beat Washington), and looks to keep it going against Oregon next week.

Shame on me for talking up the USC defense, because then they go out and give it up like a prom date to the Beavers.

Texas slaps around Missouri, to keep McCoy in the Heisman race. That trip to Stillwater next week could decide the conference.

Everyone is talking up the return of the LSU offense, but it's not like Auburn's D is any good.

Jimmy Clausen keeps playing for a big fat NFL contract. He and Golden Tate should both declare. They are amazing.

Word is, the cancer that Boston College LB Mark Herzlich was diagnosed with, is gone, and he's looking forward to coming back and playing football next year. I can't wait.

We forget the influence of great coaching on bad teams. Bill Snyder is a great coach, and now that his team is buying into his system, they are on a roll.

That Nebraska/Iowa State game was as hard to watch as anything I've seen all year.

Looking to next week, let's see if the SEC officials keep it going for Florida in another home game, this time against Georgia. Two huge matchups as Texas travels to Stillwater to battle the Oklahoma State Cowboys, and USC goes to Eugene to try and take the lead in the PAC-10 against those pesky Ducks. All in all another great weekend of football an the weekend starts on Wednesday.

Last Edited: 10/25/2009

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