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Curt's NFL Elite

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/20/2009

NFL Elite-The NFL power Poll Week 6

It’s always fun to debate who the best team in the league. Teams like Minnesota, New York Giants, Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints, and Denver Broncos are all still undefeated, and 4 more teams only have one loss. Last week I talked about who I thought was the bottom of the league, so it’s only fair I give some time to the top. How do I shake out my top ten?

I don’t recall a time when there were this many teams playing this well at this point in a season. The talent at the top of the league is as impressive as the lack of talent at the bottom. In my opinion, the league is full of sort of middle of the road teams, which I suppose you could say is parity, but for me, it’s just some crappy football. So here is Curt’s 10 pack of NFL elite.

10. Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals have a franchise QB in Carson Palmer, and this year, he’s playing like it, and that makes all the difference in the world. The importance of a great QB in this league cannot be undervalued. The bonus has been their defense has really stepped up. With the loss of Antwan Odom, they will need to do even more.

9. Baltimore Ravens - They lost a heartbreaker last week, but they have all the pieces. Great QB, stable of running backs, a couple of nice targets in the passing game, and a strong D. They should be in every game they play this season and are built to play in bad weather.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers - The hottest team in the NFL who’s not undefeated, winning 3 in a row. They have an elite starting QB, a couple of great receivers, and a defense that with the return of Troy Polamalu is much improved. Like Baltimore, they should be in every game they play.

7. Atlanta Falcons - This team looks really good at times and a little flat at times. Keeping Michael Turner productive helps this team a ton, especially to keep their defense on the sidelines. Well coached and with a great leader at quarterback.

6. New York Giants - Last week's aberration aside, this is a really solid football team, minus some problems in the secondary. They run game has been a little stagnant, but this team needs to run to set up that play action if they want to be successful. Well coached, and looks to be there in the end.

5. New England Patiots - I hate putting them this high, but after last week’s display you can’t deny their ability to put up points against any team whatever the conditions. Once again a franchise QB leading a solid team, with a great head coach. The holes on defense will be this team’s undoing at some point.

4. New Orleans Saints - This offense is something out of a Madden game, but I have to think that the fact they are primarily a passing team, who runs once they have secured the lead will catch up to them. I will be curious to see what happens if they are forced to run when an opponent wants, and not just to eat up the clock. At some point a defense will find some blitz packages and beat on Drew Brees. But for now, their ability to rack up huge offensive numbers makes them hard to bet against.

3. Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning looks the best I’ve seen him in years. He’s making unknown wide outs into stars, and just carving teams apart. Their defense as well has stepped up even with injuries. The addition of Donald Brown at running back to platoon with Joseph Addai has been another plus. Once again the franchise quarterback factor plays a huge role.

2. Denver Broncos - Who woulda thunk? Well I did. I said before the season started that I thought the Culter trade was a really smart move for Denver, and Kyle Orton was a much better fit for that offense. Pat me on the back. But I think one of the biggest changes is, the Broncos defense is playing at such a high level. Lots of players flying to the football. And you cannot underestimate the shot of energy Coach McDaniels has given this team. He’s awesome to watch on the sidelines, and just have the look of a guy who’s going to go down as one of the great coaches of all time.

1. Minnesota Vikings - This was a tough call, but Brett Favre is a HOF quarterback, making a group of average wide outs look like stars. Oh, and it’s not so bad having the best running back in the game to hand off to. Oh, and is there a better defensive player in the league than Jared Allen, and a better front 4 than the Vikings? A truly complete team.

Last Edited: 10/20/2009

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