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Quick Hits and One Liners from Week 6 in College Football and the NFL

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/19/2009


Here’s my lightning fast breakdown of the weekend of college and pro football. Some things great, some things awful but it was another interesting weekend of football!

First in the college ranks:

  • Cincinnati is really good. That offense was able to move the ball, even with a backup QB in the game against a stout USF defense. Their schedule is quite favorable so an undefeated finish could be in their future.

  • Terrell Pryor still hasn’t met the hype. I got tons of hate mail before last season when I said Pryor would never match up to the hype he came to Ohio State with. His gaff against Purdue was more proof of that.

  • Who would have guessed Iowa to be this good? Not me, that’s for sure. The return of Bryan Bulaga has made a good offensive line great. Another team with a seemingly clear path to undefeated.

  • Nebraska looked like frauds. Other than Ndamukong Suh, this team is in disarray. Switching up QBs, and looking out of sorts on both sides of the ball got them buried at home against Tech.

  • Florida is not as good as I thought. And Arkansas is. That game was awesome, but what it showed me is, Florida is not a better team than Alabama. Florida was very fortunate to come out of this game with a win. Game Ball to the kicker.

  • Virginia Tech wasn’t prepared to stop the option, and it cost them the game. The Yellow Jackets did nothing unusual but the Hokies had no answers for it. On the other side Nesbitt is going to make a nice wildcat QB in the NFL.

  • Stanford had a chance at a statement win, but Arizona did it instead. Arizona’s comeback was epic and QB Nick Foles had a career effort in the win. Neither team brought much defense, but a shootout is always fun.

  • Roll Tide. Alabama is the real deal. I think a lot of pundits wrote them off after all the offseason personnel changes, but this team is stacked on both sides of the ball. They walked on South Carolina particularly on defense where they only allowed 64 yards rushing. And speaking of rushing, Mark Ingram racked up a huge game and might be the best back in the country.

  • Oklahoma State winning without it’s two best offensive players running back Kendall Hunter and wide receiver Dez Bryant has been one impressive feat. Not sure if they can keep it up, but for now, this group is seriously overachieving.

  • Should Ryan Mathews be in the Heisman discussion? He’s in my top 5 for sure. This kid sees 9 in the box on almost every play, and he just keeps breaking off big runs. This season, college football has some really elite running back talent and Matthews is right at the top.

  • How bad does that Defensive Back for Washington feel for making perhaps his worst play of his life to give up the winning touchdown to Arizona State. The guy who feels best is the other Washington DB, who did the same, but caught a break when Arizona State QB Danny Sullivan chose to throw to the other wide open Red Devil.

  • Idaho is 6-1 and undefeated and in first place in the WAC! How amazing is that? This team is as good as any in the country. The Vandals are bowl eligible, and to be honest, with games they have for the final 5 on their schedule, winning 8 games isn’t out of the question. Amazing turnaround.

Now onto the NFL. I will admit, I don’t watch nearly as much NFL football as I do college. There a couple of reasons for that. One is, I need to be able to watch as many NCAA games as I can, so I can do what I do for this site. I never watch fewer than ten games a weekend. And second, the NFL is playing some bad football.

Of the NFL games I saw, here’s what stuck out to me:

  • The Washington Redskins team is a grease fire. Kansas City is bad, but you put them together and you get a train wreck that you can look away from. Zorn is gone no doubt about it. The new head coach can bring in a new quarterback, and hopefully inspire a talented but underachieving group. Oh and Chiefs fans, congrats on the win. I am going to get as excited as Coach Haley did. There, I did it.

  • The New Orleans Saints offense is certainly fun to watch. Will they need at some point to be able to grind it out and run the ball? Considering they have indoor games 7 of their last 11, with their worst weather probably coming against lowly Washington and Carolina, the answer is probably no.

  • I am really looking forward to the NFC title matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans. What, am I getting ahead of myself? Maybe, but maybe not.

  • Did any team choke more than the Philadelphia Eagles? I know I know, they have a ton of injuries on the oline, but c’mon? They made the Oakland Raiders defense look like world beaters.

  • I’m still pretty sure the St Louis Rams is the worst team in the league. They look to be able to find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory all season long.

  • I don’t know what was harder to watch in the Tennessee Titans - New England Patriots game. How bad Tennessee is, or how good New England was. That was as lopsided a win as I’ve ever seen. New England could have scored 100 if they had left Brady in. The Titans need to get the wildcat going for next week with Vince Young, Lendale White, and Chris Johnson. Maybe the veer, because their offense is putrid.

  • Lots of nasty injuries last week. It’s a shame the league can’t vote in a roster expansion, because team’s lack of depth is really starting to show.

  • Oh, and let me say that I hope Clifton Smith is alright, and whatever punishment the league chooses to give the coward that is Dante' Wesley, add 3 games.

Last Edited: 10/17/2009

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